Pippa Whishaw

African elephant in Tanzania

How to pack for an African safari


Packing for an African safari can seem like a daunting venture, but it doesn't need to be. From clothing tips to luggage weight, we cover off everything you need to know to pack like a pro.

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Sustainable pig farming in Kenya

How a local group is empowering women in Kenya through pig farming

ImportResponsible Travel

Meet the women supporting their families and communities through small business pig farming, and the organisation helping them do it.

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Deck the stalls: Our guide to Europe’s Christmas markets


Tidings of advice on what to eat, drink and buy in the Christmas markets of Central Europe.

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Recipe: How to cook Moroccan couscous with lamb and vegetables


Redouane El Moutasim, the man behind Peregrine’s Gourmet Explorer Morocco trip, reveals a classic Yennayer recipe: hand-rolled couscous with lamb and seven vegetables.

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Recipe: How to make Mexican Christmas punch


Typically, Mexican ponche combines seasonal fruits with water, spices and piloncillo (unrefined cane sugar), but everyone makes it differently. Here's our favourite recipe.

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