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A magical journey down the Floating Gardens of Xochimilco


When you think of a boating holiday, Venice’s gondolas, a kettuvalam (houseboat) in Kerala or the floating markets of Thailand are normally the first to spring to mind. But, I recently experienced an equally magical boat ride on a holiday, somewhere unexpected.

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I thought I hated cruises; then I tried Adventure Cruising


I have never been a cruiser. I was a little skeptical that adventure cruising would be any different, but I'm so glad I went. A small ship offered me the personal service and local experiences I just didn’t get on a big ship. Here’s how an adventure cruise in Greece turned me from a cruise-hater to a cruise-lover.

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Leon Dormido, Galapagos Islands

7 must-see Galapagos highlights that aren’t animals


There's more to the Galapagos than sea lions and giant tortoises. These islands boast perfect beaches, volcanic landscapes, excellent seafood and a rich and fascinating history.

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Why I loved travelling through the Middle East as a solo female


We hear about everything from war and terrorism to religious extremism and denial of woman’s rights. But, I have a different story to tell – a love story.

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