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Close up portrait of a lady in a sari making chapati in India

A guide to portrait photography on the road, as told by an amateur with the skills of an expert 


Meet Peter Miers, a self-proclaimed amateur photographer. Turns out though, that his work sits well above that of an amateur.

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Beautiful sunset on a Thai beach

25 photos that will make you want to book an Adventure Cruise around South East Asia


If any place was made for exploration by ship, it’s the coasts and islands of Thailand and Malaysia.

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A traveller takes a photo at Lilliehookfjorden, Norway.

Making each shot count: Your essential guide to polar photography


There’s no doubt the polar ends of our planet contain some of the most dramatic and breathtaking environs on Earth. Where else could you encounter giant icebergs drifting along the face of an even larger glacier, or the vast sense of scale offered by a white desert? There’s even the chance to snap stunning close-ups […]

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Whale tale in Antarctica.

Photo essay: Unforgettable moments from Antarctica and the Arctic


We asked a professional wildlife photographer to share with us some of his favourite moments, and best captures, while experiencing life on a frozen planet.

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Himeji Castle with cherry blossom in Japan

Weekday Wanderlust: Himeji, Japan


Japan's Himeji Castle is welcoming its first cherry blossoms of the year. And it's beautiful.

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