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A boat sailing into the Thai islands

5 essential islands to visit in Thailand, according to a local leader


There are hundreds of islands dotted around the Thai coast, and so many pieces of paradise to explore. Here are a few of our favourites.

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A woman taking a photo onboard a ship

Why an Adventure Cruise was the perfect way to return to Thailand


At the end of 2018 I took the chance to go back to Thailand, but in a very different style to all those years before: on a small ship Adventure Cruise.

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I thought I hated cruises; then I tried Adventure Cruising


I have never been a cruiser. I was a little skeptical that adventure cruising would be any different, but I'm so glad I went. A small ship offered me the personal service and local experiences I just didn’t get on a big ship. Here’s how an adventure cruise in Greece turned me from a cruise-hater to a cruise-lover.

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6 things I learned while cruising the Greek Islands


As I set off for Greece for a week-long adventure cruise through the Greek islands, I pictured strolling through quaint alleyways, eating spanakopitas and jumping off the back of the boat. I didn’t realize I would be learning life lessons, but travel has a funny way of teaching you things when you least expect it.

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