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Adventure cruising in Greece

What to pack for your Adventure Cruise


Your flights are booked, your visas are sorted, and your cabin’s been secured – all that’s left to do before you embark is pack! Unlike conventional cruises, our Adventure Cruises don’t have a strict dress code. We’d rather you felt at home while on board and so suggest opting for casual attire (although you might like […]

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A selection of Andalusian tapas

8 Andalusian dishes to make you fall in love with southern Spain


Deep in the south of Spain and just a stone’s throw away from Morocco is Andalusia. A region peppered with rolling hills, unspoiled coastline, snow-capped mountains and winding rivers. Although it’s not just the landscape here that’s diverse, it’s the history too. Ruled by the Moors for centuries, you can still feel their strong Islamic […]

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deck of cruise ship

All aboard: why summer is the best time for an Adventure Cruise in Europe


Last summer, I went on an Adventure Cruise around the Greek Islands and honestly can’t imagine experiencing these exotic isles at any other time of year.

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Iceland's Westfjords

Why you should venture beyond Iceland’s Ring Road to the Westfjords


In recent years, Iceland has seen a dramatic increase in tourism. While this tourism boom has been crucial for the country's economy, it means that some areas can feel overrun by tourists. If you truly want to get off the beaten path, Iceland's Westfjords are the place to visit.

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Ko Surin long tail boat

Highlights of Thailand: by land and sea


Why force yourself to choose, when you could extend your next Thai holiday to include both a trip on land and a coastal cruise? Here is our list of must-sees in Thailand, that you should tick off on your next South East Asian adventure.

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