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Three travellers at Samarkand Shah-i-Zinda

The beauty of travelling to Uzbekistan, even though I knew nothing about it


I shouldn’t have formulated any ideas or expectations about exactly what Uzbekistan would be like, because I had nothing to base it on.

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Peregrine group at Registan Square

4 reasons why now’s the time to visit Uzbekistan


Uzbekistan combines everything that makes for a fan-favourite in the travel space. Incredible architecture from the Silk Road, a mixture of fascinating Soviet, Islamic and Asian cultures and histories, an underrated food scene, friendly locals and more. Here is why you should visit Uzbekistan now.

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Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Travelling the Silk Road in Uzbekistan


More than any other country, Uzbekistan’s icons embody the spirit and legacy of the ancient Silk Road. One traveller describes his journey.

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What to see in the –stans of Central Asia


During a recent quiz on geography in the office, I was surprised by the sheer number of -stans there are in the world.

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