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Older couple in front of street art, Santiago

Top things to do in Santiago, Chile


Santiago is a city for everyone: the adventurers, the bohemians, the romantics, the artists, those who like traditions and those who like the more modern and exotic.

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What you’ll taste on a Peregrine tour


We're in Pisac in Peru’s Sacred Valley, en route to Machu Picchu, and we've just stopped for lunch. On the menu? Fresh-grilled guinea pig...

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Traveller stories: Remembering South America


I think some of my new friends will use their photos as a starting point for looking back on our time together. My iPhone has a meagre 277 shots from South America; I decided to keep a diary instead.

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A group travel skeptic journeys through South America (video)


Yesterday I went under a waterfall for the first time, in a swerving and dipping Zodiac along with the other members of a small Peregrine group touring in South America.

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Ride the rainbow: five of South America’s most colourful destinations


You’d need a pretty extensive colour wheel to capture the full spectrum of South America. The continent tends to manifest its passion in visible ways.

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