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The best time to visit the Galapagos Islands


While it’s truly a year-round destination, depending on your preferences in weather and the activities and wildlife that particularly interest you, there are a variety of things to see and do at different times of the year.

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Ecuador Amazon

The magic of Ecuador’s Amazon and reconnecting with nature


I came away with a renewed appreciation for nature in its purest form, for its beauty and diversity, but also for its imperfections and unpredictability.

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Mainland Ecuador guide

Quito and beyond: 7 destinations to visit in mainland Ecuador


I love Ecuador for its colonial cities, natural beauty, and mixture of Spanish and indigenous culture.

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A table filled with food in the Galapagos Islands

Eating your way through the Galapagos Islands


You know about the incredible wildlife, but how much have you heard about the cuisine in the Galapagos Islands?

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Which South American country is right for you?


How do you know where to start? Do you go from North to South? Start in Patagonia and work your way up the east coast? To stop in Uruguay or not? These are the questions.

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