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Ship anchored in beautiful bay

The most underrated Greek islands to visit before everyone else does


Everyone goes to Mykonos and Santorini, but here are the best islands in Greece to visit if you don’t want to spend your trip squeezing into tiny spots on busy beaches or weaving through crowded streets.

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I thought I hated cruises; then I tried Adventure Cruising


I have never been a cruiser. I was a little skeptical that adventure cruising would be any different, but I'm so glad I went. A small ship offered me the personal service and local experiences I just didn’t get on a big ship. Here’s how an adventure cruise in Greece turned me from a cruise-hater to a cruise-lover.

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deck of cruise ship

All aboard: why summer is the best time for an Adventure Cruise in Europe


Last summer, I went on an Adventure Cruise around the Greek Islands and honestly can’t imagine experiencing these exotic isles at any other time of year.

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