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What exactly *is* coronavirus?


Misinformation around the COVID-19 virus is spreading more quickly than ever. And with that comes a lot of myths. Read on for the facts around coronavirus.

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Tour leader on a bus

Should you cancel your travel plans because of the coronavirus?


There are still parts of our incredible world unaffected by coronavirus and other areas that can – and should – still be safely visited.

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Two travellers in Greece

A common-sense guide to travel in the age of COVID-19


This whole coronavirus thing is making us a bit tired and anxious, and we’re sure you’re feeling the same. We’ve collated some advice and information for anyone who has travel planned, or might be planning on travelling, over the next few months.

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Italy Sicily hiking

The 8 healthiest countries in the world


Bloomberg recently released its Global Health Index for 2017 and the results certainly provide some food for thought.

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Walking trail in country

Why walking in the great outdoors is good for your health


What is it about putting one foot in front of the other that has thinkers, singers, actors and average Joe’s so enamoured?

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