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Photo by Wan Fahmy Redzuan/Shutterstock

Celebrating life after cancer on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to India


‘I’m going to India,’ I told myself. ‘I’m not waiting any longer to make this dream come true.’

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Sunset over the medina in Marrakech, Morocco

A window into local life: 5 markets you should visit


Here at Peregrine, we believe travel is all about getting closer to the local people and gaining an understanding of the culture you came to discover. One of the richest, yet most simple, cultural experiences you can enjoy is a stroll through a local market. From the sweet dried fruits and decadent pastries of Barcelona’s […]

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Posada Amazonas Lodge in Peru

7 unique overnight stays from around the world


Here at Peregrine, we’ve always thought that travel should be more about the journey than where we rest our heads at night. Adventure for us is an immersive, cultural experience – a local cooking class in Vietnam, campfire stories with Botswana’s Ghanzi bushmen, or wine tasting with vintners in Mendoza. Jacuzzi baths and a well-stocked minibar aren’t […]

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Chion-in Temple, Japan

Visiting Asia’s lesser-known temples


Food, people and wildlife are just a few things that make Asia a favourite holiday destination; but the abundance of temples should not be missed.

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Traveller tales from the Hippie Trail


Writing letters on scraps of toilet paper. Hitchhiking through Thailand and bonding with Afghani soldiers over guitar singalongs. Five adventurous travellers recall some of their fondest (and craziest) stories from the Hippie Trail - the overland journey between Europe and Asia so famous in the 60s and 70s.

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