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Why I loved travelling through the Middle East as a solo female


We hear about everything from war and terrorism to religious extremism and denial of woman’s rights. But, I have a different story to tell – a love story.

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shish kebab

Israel, the unexpected holiday destination for foodies


If you’re looking for an amazing food and wine destination that is a bit more off-the-beaten-track, you should consider a trip to Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

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Jerusalem dome

5 reasons why the Middle East should be your next holiday destination


In news headlines over the last few decades, the Middle East has often been portrayed as unwelcoming and unsafe for Western tourists. But, as many travellers know, you shouldn’t always believe what you hear about a place before you visit it…

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Carla in her bedouin tent

I loved my tour of Jordan so much that I moved in with the Bedouin


How does one tell their dad that they want to move to a run-down, conservative, Muslim, Bedouin village located in the hot bed of world conflict, where she doesn’t speak the language or have a place to live?

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smiling Bedouin man

What it’s like staying with the Bedouin in Wadi Rum


Some Bedouin still live in the desert, in tents they have woven themselves from animal hair. Some still cook zarb, a Bedouin BBQ, where hot coals, meat and vegetables are buried in a hole in the sand for a few hours, until it is dug up and shared around the campfire. But life for most Bedouin is changing.

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