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Close up portrait of a lady in a sari making chapati in India

A guide to portrait photography on the road, as told by an amateur with the skills of an expert 


Meet Peter Miers, a self-proclaimed amateur photographer. Turns out though, that his work sits well above that of an amateur.

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Bodhnath Stupa at night

7 things to do in Nepal (that aren’t trekking)


I have a confession. I’ve been to Nepal three times and never trekked.

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A Sherpa’s story: what it was like to survive the earthquake on Everest


On the day the quake hit Everest, our team had just trekked back to Basecamp from Camp II further up the mountain...

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Meet Kathmandu’s hidden artisans: the extraordinary Seven Women

ImportResponsible Travel

Our taxi pulls up outside some rusty wrought iron gates. Inside is one of Nepal’s philanthropic success stories: a tiny business that’s slowly changing the lives of local women.

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The ultimate packing list for your high-altitude trek


Hear that? The mountains are calling. More specifically, the high-altitude peaks of Everest Base Camp, Annapurna and Kilimanjaro are calling.

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