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Top 5 travel experiences for history enthusiasts


If you consider yourself to be an avid history enthusiast, these are our top travel experiences that will transport you through the ages.

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Posada Amazonas Lodge in Peru

7 unique overnight stays from around the world


Here at Peregrine, we’ve always thought that travel should be more about the journey than where we rest our heads at night. Adventure for us is an immersive, cultural experience – a local cooking class in Vietnam, campfire stories with Botswana’s Ghanzi bushmen, or wine tasting with vintners in Mendoza. Jacuzzi baths and a well-stocked minibar aren’t […]

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Inca woman weaving

Who were the Incas? Our Peru culture guide


Even today (perhaps especially today), the ingenuity of Inca architecture stands the test of time. Here's what to expect on your Peru adventure.

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What you’ll taste on a Peregrine tour


We're in Pisac in Peru’s Sacred Valley, en route to Machu Picchu, and we've just stopped for lunch. On the menu? Fresh-grilled guinea pig...

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Traveller stories: Remembering South America


I think some of my new friends will use their photos as a starting point for looking back on our time together. My iPhone has a meagre 277 shots from South America; I decided to keep a diary instead.

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