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group in antarctica on ship eating

What to expect: life aboard an Antarctic ship


It’s important to keep in mind, that depending on which itinerary and ship you pick, some of the onboard activities in Antarctica can vary.

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travellers walking on the Antarctic Peninsula

What to pack for your Antarctic adventure


While for some holidays you can get away with packing the week before you leave or just throwing a pile of barely-thought-about clothes into a suitcase, an expedition to Antarctica calls for a fairly unique packing list.

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Solan and his team arriving at the North Pole.

Life on the roof of the world: Meet polar expedition leader Solan Jensen


Maneuvering a nuclear-powered ice-breaker through the Arctic is all in a day’s work for polar expedition leader Solan Jensen, who sits down with Peregrine to discuss life on the roof of the world.

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A traveller takes a photo at Lilliehookfjorden, Norway.

Making each shot count: Your essential guide to polar photography


There’s no doubt the polar ends of our planet contain some of the most dramatic and breathtaking environs on Earth. Where else could you encounter giant icebergs drifting along the face of an even larger glacier, or the vast sense of scale offered by a white desert? There’s even the chance to snap stunning close-ups […]

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Polar bears in Svalbard.

Traveller stories: Face to face with a polar bear


It takes a moment before I can make sense of the sprawling shapes of red projected in front of me. The mottled mess of blue, red and purple colours seem to shift in my head and then it clicks – I’m looking at a giant ice map of Svalbard, the frozen archipelago off the northern […]

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