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Polar bears in Svalbard.

Traveller stories: Face to face with a polar bear


It takes a moment before I can make sense of the sprawling shapes of red projected in front of me. The mottled mess of blue, red and purple colours seem to shift in my head and then it clicks – I’m looking at a giant ice map of Svalbard, the frozen archipelago off the northern […]

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Hiking in the Arctic.

What to expect on an Arctic expedition


While we often associate polar adventures with rugged explorers, frost bite and questionable food, the truth is that an Arctic expedition doesn’t mean roughing it.

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Whale tale in Antarctica.

Photo essay: Unforgettable moments from Antarctica and the Arctic


We asked a professional wildlife photographer to share with us some of his favourite moments, and best captures, while experiencing life on a frozen planet.

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Your essential Arctic packing guide. Photo by Justin Meneguzzi.

What to pack for an Arctic adventure


The Arctic is an exciting and, at times, challenging setting for a polar expedition. Knowing what to pack (and what not to pack) means you won't be left out in the cold and can make the most of your trip in comfort.

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Arctic ice and water

5 Arctic myths that need busting


There is so much more to the Arctic than snow and ice, so we want to bust 5 of the most common Arctic myths

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