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Pastel de nata in Portuguese bakery window

10 local Portuguese dishes you need to try


Possibly one of the most overlooked European cuisines on the continent, Portuguese food is sumptuously rich and diverse. Whether you’re in the market for the freshest fish, smoothest port, smokiest sausages or sweetest pastries – you’ll find it all in this corner of the Iberian Peninsula. They’re not ones to be wasteful either and fully […]

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Traveller enjoying views over Granada

The maiden voyage: Stories from a first-time cruiser


Stepping onto the gangplank my stomach churns with a sense of excited anticipation, but the crew’s beaming faces immediately help to settle any initial nerves. Our Peregrine guides, Rachida and Fatima, greet me warmly and I eagerly make my way into the ship’s main lounge. I set myself down next to a trio of chatty […]

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Douro River, Porto

7 things you should see, do and drink in Porto, Portugal


Portugal’s northern city of Porto has a cosiness about it, which is only augmented by the kind hospitality of the locals, and the mysterious old buildings that line the narrow streets hold tales of centuries past.

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Two orange tuktuks parked in front of a blue house in Lisbon

5 of the coolest neighbourhoods in Lisbon, Portugal


Portugal’s colourful capital is becoming increasingly cosmopolitan but hasn’t forgotten its roots, so you get the best of the old and new world.

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