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The whitewashed casbah of Tangier, Morocco

What you can expect from a local tour of Tangier, Morocco


Often referred to as Europe’s ‘Gateway to Africa’, Tangier fuses together many different cultures and religions. Although a heavy Spanish influence remains the most prominent after many fled here to escape General Franco during the civil war. As a result, Jews, Muslims and Christians, Europeans, Arabs and Berbers all live together in harmony. Unlike other […]

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Traveller enjoying views over Granada

The maiden voyage: Stories from a first-time cruiser


Stepping onto the gangplank my stomach churns with a sense of excited anticipation, but the crew’s beaming faces immediately help to settle any initial nerves. Our Peregrine guides, Rachida and Fatima, greet me warmly and I eagerly make my way into the ship’s main lounge. I set myself down next to a trio of chatty […]

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Adventure cruising in Greece

What to pack for your Adventure Cruise


Your flights are booked, your visas are sorted, and your cabin’s been secured – all that’s left to do before you embark is pack! Unlike conventional cruises, our Adventure Cruises don’t have a strict dress code. We’d rather you felt at home while on board and so suggest opting for casual attire (although you might like […]

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Croatia Adventure cruise

8 reasons to try small ship Adventure Cruising


Small ship cruising might sound like a contradiction. After all, cruising ordinarily conjures up images of all-you-can-eat buffets, onboard casinos, and crowded swimming pools. But, this is truly the opposite of an Adventure Cruise.

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Murky waters: the ethics of big ship cruising

ImportResponsible Travel

By any metric you care to name – profits, passengers, new travel routes – big ship cruising has been an overwhelming tourism success. But at what cost?

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