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Older couple in front of street art, Santiago

Top things to do in Santiago, Chile


Santiago is a city for everyone: the adventurers, the bohemians, the romantics, the artists, those who like traditions and those who like the more modern and exotic.

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Smiling woman holding a cup of mate

Learning to love Yerba Mate tea in Argentina


Mate is ubiquitous in Argentina. Every day I see people toting their gourds and oversized water thermoses on sidewalks, in parks, and at work. I’ve even seen toddlers in strollers gripping the gourds that appear oversized in their tiny hands.

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Leon Dormido, Galapagos Islands

7 must-see Galapagos highlights that aren’t animals


There's more to the Galapagos than sea lions and giant tortoises. These islands boast perfect beaches, volcanic landscapes, excellent seafood and a rich and fascinating history.

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Galapagos tortoise

Wilder than ever: returning to the Galapagos Islands


Having recently returned from Galapagos Encounter – the maiden voyage of the Grand Queen Beatriz, in fact – David Manning reflects on his encounters with the famously unique wildlife of the archipelago.

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Tour group in Galapagos

The perks of having an onboard naturalist in the Galapagos Islands


The Galapagos Islands are like no place else, but local expertise can turn a great voyage into an unforgettable one.

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