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group walking summit trail Galapagos

The best time to visit the Galapagos Islands


While it’s truly a year-round destination, depending on your preferences in weather and the activities and wildlife that particularly interest you, there are a variety of things to see and do at different times of the year.

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Ecuador Amazon

The magic of Ecuador’s Amazon and reconnecting with nature


I came away with a renewed appreciation for nature in its purest form, for its beauty and diversity, but also for its imperfections and unpredictability.

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What to do in Buenos Aires

Argentina reinvented: 6 unique ways to experience Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires is an exceptionally dynamic place bubbling with new takes on old clichés. Here are a few new ways to eat, drink, and dance like the Porteños of today.

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Mainland Ecuador guide

Quito and beyond: 7 destinations to visit in mainland Ecuador


I love Ecuador for its colonial cities, natural beauty, and mixture of Spanish and indigenous culture.

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Terracotta totems on a shelf at the Witches Market

Your guide to La Paz’s fascinating Witches Market


Where would you go to get an alpaca jumper, totem necklace and a potion to bring good fortune? Look no further.

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