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The top 10 things to do in Seville


Think of Seville and oranges, flamenco and opera all spring to mind, but there’s a lot more to be seen and done in Spain’s fourth largest city. Around 700,000 people call this place home and the locals love it so much that many of them will stay here their whole lives. Given that its brimming […]

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Traveller enjoying views over Granada

The maiden voyage: Stories from a first-time cruiser


Stepping onto the gangplank my stomach churns with a sense of excited anticipation, but the crew’s beaming faces immediately help to settle any initial nerves. Our Peregrine guides, Rachida and Fatima, greet me warmly and I eagerly make my way into the ship’s main lounge. I set myself down next to a trio of chatty […]

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Views of the Alhambra and Sierra Nevada range

10 things to eat, see and do in Granada, Spain


Set to the dramatic backdrop of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, Granada is a charming melting pot of Spanish and Moorish cultural influences. And given its closeness to Morocco and the fact it was the last Moorish kingdom to fall into the clutches of Ferdinand and Isabella, it’s easy to see why. More than two […]

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A selection of Andalusian tapas

8 Andalusian dishes to make you fall in love with southern Spain


Deep in the south of Spain and just a stone’s throw away from Morocco is Andalusia. A region peppered with rolling hills, unspoiled coastline, snow-capped mountains and winding rivers. Although it’s not just the landscape here that’s diverse, it’s the history too. Ruled by the Moors for centuries, you can still feel their strong Islamic […]

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Croatia Adventure cruise

8 reasons to try small ship Adventure Cruising


Small ship cruising might sound like a contradiction. After all, cruising ordinarily conjures up images of all-you-can-eat buffets, onboard casinos, and crowded swimming pools. But, this is truly the opposite of an Adventure Cruise.

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