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Arctic ice and water

5 Arctic myths that need busting


There is so much more to the Arctic than snow and ice, so we want to bust 5 of the most common Arctic myths

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Cambodias Angkor Wat complex

7 unmissable spots in Cambodia


From the harrowing history of the Khmer Rouge to stunning architecture and incredible cuisine, you’re spoilt for choice in Cambodia.

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Traveller tales from the Hippie Trail


Writing letters on scraps of toilet paper. Hitchhiking through Thailand and bonding with Afghani soldiers over guitar singalongs. Five adventurous travellers recall some of their fondest (and craziest) stories from the Hippie Trail - the overland journey between Europe and Asia so famous in the 60s and 70s.

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Travellers walk around Iguazu Falls

A message to millennial travellers


Dear millennial travellers, It appears that we – the world’s ‘older travellers’ – have been collectively lumped into one basket, and I for one do not appreciate it.

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11 unusual Valentine’s Day traditions around the world


Although February 14 has become synonymous with Hallmark in many parts of the world, not every culture chooses to declare their love via a romantic greeting card or overpriced rose...

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