For all its Euro influence, Central America is no Western world. With Mayan ruins, Afro beats, and thriving indigenous cultures, this place is as foreign as can be. 

The grand cathedrals were built by conquistadors, and the now the locals speak nothing but Spanish – but there’s something far-from-Europe about this place. It may be the tropical air or Caribbean sun that makes this place so different from the old world – like the smooth sand and stunning reefs of Belize. Or it may be the natural purity of the forest, in places like Costa Rica and Panama, where the people are happier than most places on earth. Or could it be the African beats of Cuba or the indigenous markets of Guatemala, forever weaving the exotic through this land.

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  • From the cloud forests of Costa Rica to Nicaragua’s giant volcanoes, Latin America does nature on a truly grand scale
  • When it comes to vibrant colour, energy and food, nowhere delivers quite like Mexico. Bargain with descendants of the Zapotec and Mixtec peoples over hand-woven blankets in Oaxaca’s buzzy markets. You may even feel brave enough to try a crunchy chili and lime grasshopper!
  • The Mayans were known for their advanced systems in architecture, mathematics, astronomy and hieroglyphics. From the temple ruins of Chichen Itza to the once-mighty capital of Tikal, our experts will lead you on a guided journey through Central America’s ancient history
  • Let the dreamy Caribbean carry you away in the island archipelago of the Belize Cayes. With sleepy towns, sun-drenched beaches and some of the region’s best diving and snorkelling, what’s not to love?
  • While Cuba may be a time warp of 1950s American cars and fading colonial splendour, the locals dance to the beat of the moment (and the rhythm of a rumba). From Havana and Trinidad to Vinales in the heart of Cuba’s tobacco-growing region, discover the landscapes and history of an island nation that defies categorisation

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