We want to make sure your holiday is memorable for all the right reasons.

When you travel with Peregrine, we make the experience effortless with seamless transport, hand-picked accommodation and plenty of inclusions, so your days are hassle-free.
Your tour cost covers:

•    All included sightseeing and entrance costs, so you can spend more time enjoying the sights and less time lining up for tickets.
•    All transport and quality, hand-picked accommodation to ensure your days are comfortable and hassle-free.
•    A highly experienced Peregrine tour leader to guide you through your itinerary and give you the best local experiences.
•   Gratuities for services received as part of your tour package.
•   Many meals at local restaurants, as indicated on your itinerary.
•   Additional specialist guides and porters where they are required to make the trip smoother.
•   Airport arrival transfer for most itineraries, as indicated on your itinerary.
•   24-hour emergency phone support from our local teams.

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