Gibraltar holds many surprises – the town that’s in fact a country, a piece of Britain that’s attached to Spain, or the miles of hidden tunnels that wind their way through the heart of this massive limestone rock rising from the sea.

This tiny headland attached to the south of Spain is a world in itself, with its own airport, currency, and national football team. Once known as a Pillar of Hercules and the western limits of the known world, the Moors, Spanish and Britons have long fought over this unique rock. Today it remains a British Overseas Territory and a fascinating mix of influences. The Rock’s size belies the amount of history it holds and stories to discover. Climb to its highest point – passing wild Barbary macaques and the caverns of St. Michael’s cave – to look down on this idiosyncratic enclave, then across to Africa and the Rif Mountains of Morocco.

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