At Peregrine we're for premium adventures, and for us that means embracing the spirit of adventure through a more immersive cultural journey.

It means hand-picked accommodation, intimate small groups, award-winning local guides, added inclusions and a more considered pace. Premium stands for an exceptional experience, but never an artificial one. Welcome to a new style of adventure travel.

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The Peregrine difference

Local fruit seller, Vietnam

Local experiences

We’ll start with the highlights, but when the big tour groups hop back on their coach, our local guides will help you find a more unique, personal experience. The pace is more relaxed too. We spend more time in each spot, so you can explore, relax and unwind at your own speed.

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Intimate small groups

You’ll be travelling with, on average, just 9 other people, which comes with a few benefits: no waiting in line behind 50 other travellers, more personal and attentive service from your guide and a chance to explore places off limits to the larger tour groups.

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Accommodation, Cambodia

Quality accommodation

Our trips include quality, handpicked accommodation, plenty of included activities, airport transfers in most destinations, an expert guide on-call, daily tipping and finely tuned itineraries. We’re all for taking the hassles and uncertainties out of group travel.

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Over 20 years ago, we became the first travel company of its kind to exclusively employ local leaders.

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