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Hopefully we’ve inspired you to add some more destinations and experiences to your own Bucket List. From now until 31 October 2015 you can book a spot on your next Peregrine tour departing between 1 Jan - 30 Sep 2016 for just a $1 deposit.*  It’s our way of helping you tick more experiences off the Bucket List!

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When booking please quote 'Bucket List' to our friendly sales consultant to secure your place with just $1 deposit.

1.  From the 1 Sep – 31 Oct 2015, only $1 deposit will be required to secure your Peregrine trip for people who have entered the Peregrine Bucket List competition. This offer is only valid for New Zealand, Australian, Canadian and USA bookings. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

2. The $1 deposit can be used towards any trip with the below exclusions:

Polar trips – all itineraries in the Arctic and Antarctic are excluded from this offer.

Independent Experiences and Journeys – all of the Independent trip range are excluded from this offer

Private Group bookings - trips booked as a private group are excluded from this offer.

Gorilla treks – pre purchased permits are required to secure the trek to see the Gorillas.   Excluded trips are:

-        PFRGX – Rwanda Gorilla private experience

-        PFUGX – Uganda Gorilla private experience

-        PFSS – Serengeti & Silverbacks

Inca Trail trips - pre purchased permits are required to secure the trek.  Excluded trips are:

-        PSBU – Best of Peru

-        PSIE – Peru Uncovered

-        PSEI – Empire of the Incas

-        PSLL – Lima to La Paz

3. The offer applies to bookings made between 1 Sep 2015 – 31 Oct 2015 for travel on tours departing between 1 Jan 2016 and 30 Sep 2016.

4. The offer can be applied to new bookings only. Under no circumstances will offer be applied to existing bookings.

5. Normal booking conditions from here apply with final payment due 56 days prior to travel.

6.  There will be no extensions to the travel, booking or payment periods listed above.

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10. The trip is subject to availability and confirmation by Peregrine at time of booking.

12. Trip prices and itineraries are subject to change at any time, including after booking. If there is a significant price change to a trip that is outside the control of Peregrine (for example a significant increase in third party service provider costs), travellers may need to be re-invoiced at the new price. Promotions & discounts will still apply to the new price.


With diverse communities and wildlife sprawled across immense landscapes, South Africa's contrasting ecosystems pulsate with life.

After apartheid, Nelson Mandela adopted the term Rainbow Nation to refer to his beloved South Africa. The term barely does the country justice. Colour shines not just in the customs and cultures of the people who live here, but in the sunsets over Orange River, the craggy views from the Drakensberg mountains and the seaside lights over Cape Town. View all South Africa trips

Through the desert and savannah all the way to the delta’s wetlands, Africa’s greatest and most threatened species take refuge in Botswana.

Botswana’s untouched wilderness is a nature-lover’s dream. Whether you’re travelling along the wild rivers or the tranquil waters of the delta, spectacular sights and sounds are plentiful. The Chobe River’s blue waters ripple orange in the sunset, while the swamps of Okavango sing with the tune of birdsong. Safari game, vast marine life and spectacular birds are just some of the wild creatures within Botswana. View all Botswana trips


With dozens of national parks and more wildlife than anywhere else in East Africa, Tanzania is the ultimate safari experience.

As one of the most mountainous and heavily forested countries in East Africa, Tanzania is an expansive country that’s devoted to the protection of wildlife. The big five game roam freely through the iconic Ngorongoro Crater, as wildebeest migrate through the Serengeti National Park. On the horizon, trek up Mount Kilimanjaro or drive through the archaeological wonder that is Olduvai Gorge. Adventure resides in Tanzania. View all Tanzania trips

200,000 years ago in Africa, human life was born. Today, this vast continent is as significant as ever. 

​On the continent where human life originated, where the jungle steams and the savannah sprawls, there’s a heritage that spans centuries. It’s in the might of Victoria Falls and the passages of Orange River. It’s in the views of Mt Kilimanjaro looming over the Serengeti, where the big five game roam among their human guardians… and hunters. It’s hiding with the mountain gorillas, shy in the emerald forest. But most of all, it’s in the colours and cultures of this great place, from the living voodoo cults in Ouidah to the lip-disk Mursi tribesmen. View all destinations in Africa.



You’ll feel it in age-old temples and hear it within sacred chants. You’ll see it in every cow on chaotic streets and smell it in the incense floating through the air – you can't escape India’s ancient spirituality.

It’s the birthplace of four religions and one of the most important spiritual centres on Earth. India vibrates with a deep rooted energy, from the marble domes of the Taj Mahal to the majestic elephants of the southern jungle. Discover India’s religious heritage in the ancient temples of Madurai and controlled chaos in modern day bazaars. View all India trips

Some go to follow the food trail, some go to inspect the French architecture... others go for the distinct peace and beauty of Vietnam.

Nature, culture and history – Vietnam has it all. Discover idyllic hideaways such as Halong Bay, a picturesque waterway of forest-drenched outcrops. Ho Chi Minh City displays Vietnam’s urban side, with attractions like the War Remnants Museum and French colonial buildings. The former imperial city of Hue is yet another of Vietnam’s wonders, with its sublime Forbidden Purple City and magnificent Thien Mu Pagoda. And while the world’s greatest cuisine will always be contested, one thing’s for sure – Vietnam is a frontrunner. View all Vietnam trips

Whether they travel here for the crystalline peaks or the ambient temples, Nepal’s visitors come back. Always.

Imagine flying in a private jet, parallel to the monumental peaks of Mount Everest. Picture yourself in the midst of Kathmandu’s temple district, standing before a shrine that catches the last of the sun. Now visualize yourself in the middle of Chitwan National Park, observing endangered species such as the one horned rhino and royal Bengal tiger. Not every dream has to remain just that - Nepal is very much real. View all Nepal trips

The Orient is a world that has long fascinated travellers, from the dawning of the Silk Road to the emergence of present-day superstates. 

Asia’s sights are both fabled and unknown, from the Great Wall of China to the forgotten city of Merv. Experience Buddhist imperialism in Bhutan and Burma – where western influence is nowhere to be seen – or the dizzying lights of famous Hong Kong cascading over New York-style skyscrapers. The depths of Vietnam’s jungles may be world-renowned, but the untouched forest of Borneo remains untraversed. While in Thailand, there’s a smile always at the ready, the clandestine state of North Korea is only now unfolding.  View all destinations in Asia.

Trying to describe the beauty of Italy’s basilicas, the magnificence of her fresco scenes and the power of her charm would be to fail. But every single day, the world tries.

Many of Italy’s icons are first revealed through history and pop-culture. In the mighty Colosseum of Rome, emperors of the Roman empire once incited brutal entertainment. On the coast of Cinque Terre, pastel homes soar above a Mediterranean seaboard and exude tradition. Then there’s Vatican City, with its intricate paintings by Michelangelo and Botticelli. Italy has a narrative that’s told through its culture. View all Italy trips

As the birthplace of Picasso, the home of Dali and the setting of Gaudi’s greatest, unfinished work, Spain is the beating art of Europe.

One doesn’t have to look hard at Spain to see it as a land of beauty and aesthetics. It’s in everything from the nation’s rolling country hills to its sun-soaked beaches. The galleries of Barcelona may be full of world-class art, but the mountainous backdrop of Alhambra Palace captures the imagination just as much. Nature and the manmade fuse together to create something much more than a country - Spain can change the way you live. View all Spain trips

Walking through the medieval towns and fairytale forests of Croatia provides a glimpse into bygone Europe. And what a view it is.

Croatia is fast becoming Europe’s darling haven and it’s no wonder why. The cafe culture and galleries of Zagreb seem almost endless, and the churches, forts and old towns of the countryside are plentiful. To pick out Diocletian’s Palace in Split or the Roman fort of Zadar would be unfair, and to highlight the beauty of the Dalmatian islands would be leaving too much out. Plitvice Lakes National Park is yet another draw card, with its collection of blue-green lakes strung together like pearls. Croatia is one problem that you'll be happy to have. View all Croatia trips

It once exerted terrible force over the world, then reeled into the modern era – bringing the rest of the planet along for the ride. 

Europe’s heritage may be dark, but the ‘Old Continent’ is nonetheless a beauty. Russia’s imperial palaces stand testament to a terrible past, and the Vatican City still exerts a hold on the Catholic world. But Europe’s dusky eras are tempered by southern delights. There’s the blue and white of Mediterranean Greece – the ancient civilization that birthed Western culture – and the little known Jewel of the Adriatic, the glinting town of Dubrovnik. And for all its cultural feats, Europe still provides its natural escapes, from the trails of the Swiss Alps to Slovenia’s labyrinthine forests. View all destinations in Europe.

With one foot in the east and another in the west, Turkey’s mix of culture and tradition is hard to resist.

It’s the calls to prayer echoing through mosques and minarets, the scent of sandalwood and saffron, old desert caravanserais, smoke-filled bazaars and whirling dervishes spinning in unison. Whether east or west, old or new, tranquil mountains or bustling coffee houses - Turkey has always been seated between two worlds. That’s what makes it so special. View all Turkey trips

At the crossroads of Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Morocco is an ever-growing, hearty bowl of people, food and experiences.

You can feel it in the bustle of the crowded souqs and you can taste it in the aromatic spices of tajines. It floats in the air above the High Atlas mountains and gets caught in the grains of the endless Sahara. It’s a vibrancy, an urgency, an assault on the senses. This is the essence of Morocco. View all Morocco trips

Egypt, land of the Nile, tomb of the pharaohs. Once a sparkling – now crumbling – wonderland of the ancient past.

Egypt’s trove of ancient ruins is more than anyone could take in a single lifetime. You may start with the Great Pyramid of Giza, the largest pyramid in the world, with its compact interior and imposing facade. Contemplate the mystery of the Sphinx, whose origins and maker are still unknown. Or you may choose to study Egypt’s lesser-known ancient Christian and medieval Muslim sites with their labyrinthine churches and mosques. In a land where the sand meets the sea, Egypt’s wonders are endless. View all Egypt trips

It all started here, the birthplace of civilisation. From ancient Mesopotamia to the first greatest Kingdom of Egypt. 

The Middle East is where the ancient trespasses into the present. There’s the iconic Pyramid of Giza, intruding into the landscape from 4000 years ago – and the Temple Mount of Jerusalem, the holy place to three great religions. The beauty of Petra, the Rose-Red City, still translates after two millennia – and Tunisia’s Roman pillars give the place its Mediterranean charm. But even in the current-day medinas of Morocco, or the souks of Iran, there’s the essence of tradition, floating with the spice-aromas through the age-old air. View all destinations in Middle East.

With its incredibly preserved 16th century towns and towering colonial churches, Ecuador is a living museum.

Named for its position on the globe’s equator, Ecuador offers travellers an experience of glorious Catholic architecture and stunning natural landscapes. Ecuador is considered to be home to some of the most beautiful churches in Latin America, from the mesmerising golden interior of The Church of the Society of Jesus to the imposing beauty of La Merced. Outside of the cities, Ecuador abounds with treasures of steaming active volcanoes, sky-blue lagoons and crumbling Incan relics. View all Ecuador trips

Peru has astounded the world with its huge desert glyphs, ancient empires and a centuries-old surviving culture.

Almost two thousand years ago, the Peruvian ancients drew enormous geoglyphs in the Nazca Desert to communicate with their gods. A millennium later, the Inca built their empire at Machu Picchu, a resplendent city soaring over the Andes. When the Spanish settled Cuzco, they founded their beautiful yet devastating colonies of cathedrals, palaces and plazas. Today, these ancient mysteries and stunning sights are just part of Peru’s grand story. View all Peru trips

With the world’s biggest statue of Jesus, greatest wetlands and largest biodiversity, Brazil’s immensity knows no bounds and superlatives.

Brazil is a country where soccer reigns supreme and people own the right to be coffee-snobs. Famous for its silky white coasts and boisterous beach parties, Brazil also has a serious side. In this South American superstate you’ll find landscapes of majestic mountains and formidable waterfalls. The European influence of Rio de Janeiro will take you back in time, as you stroll through colonial streets, and the splendour of the Pantanal wetlands is breathtaking. View all Brazil trips

Latin sounds and Inca ruins come to mind– but they all lie within a tremendous landscape of Amazon, Andes and hilltop lakes. 

There are few things as rewarding as driving through the Bolivian countryside, over the colossal ridge which suddenly reveals sparkling La Paz splayed out before you. Or landing in Rio, beneath a giant statue of Jesus lording over a city of hedonism and dance. Nothing quite compares to flying through Iguazu Falls, or over Peru’s baffling geoglyphs, drawn into the sand hundreds of years ago. Meet the villagers who built their own islands on the sacred Lake Titicaca, or the playful seal cubs at the Galapagos Islands. This is the experience of awesome South America. View all destinations in South America.