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We've been exploring the Antarctic regions for two decades now, and these voyages – departing in 2020 and 2021 aboard our newly acquired ship, the Ocean Endeavour – take the adventure to new heights. With rigorous sustainability standards, an unrivalled crew-to-passenger ratio and superb range of on- and off-board activities, rest assured the finer details are taken care of. You can instead focus on the stars of the show: the king penguins, humpback whales and the most incredible glacial landscapes on earth. It’s time to experience the very best in polar expedition travel.

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11 Days From 5130

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10 Days From 5130

Capture the essence of the Antarctic peninsula and its incredible islands aboard the...

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The Earlybird Antarctica offer means you can save up to 20% on on the following applicable trips and departures:

11-day Best of Antarctica (PPDAE)

  • 4 November 2020
  • 13 November 2020
  • 22 November 2020
  • 1 December 2020
  • 5 February 202
  • 14 February 2021

10-day Discover Antarctica (PPDAT)

  • 10 December 2020

11-day Christmas in Antarctica (PPCIA)

  • 18 December 2020

11-day New Year in Antarctica (PPNYA)

  • 27 December 2020

10-day Antarctic Whale Journey (PPAWJ)

  • 23 February 2021
  • 3 March 2021

14-day Journey to the Antarctic Circle (PPJAC)

  • 5 January 2021

21-day Antarctica, South Georgia and Falklands Explorer (PPWOS)

  • 17 January 2021

21-day Antarctica, South Georgia and Falklands Odyssey (PPSGD)

  • 12 March 2021

Cabin Details:

  • 15% off Cabin Categories 4, 5, 6, 7
  • 20% off Cabin Categories 8, 9, 10
  • No discount on Cabin Categories 1, 2, 3.

The Earlbird Sale runs from 10 December 2018 to 31 March 2019 for travel from 26 October 2020 to 31st March 2021 on the Ocean Endeavour only.

This offer cannot be combined with any other discount.  Discounts apply to voyage fare only and are not applicable on land tours, additional on board activities, additional hotel accommodation or transfers, flights, travel insurance and does not apply to group bookings. Cabins are limited and offers may be withdrawn or amended at any time.

A deposit of 20% of the full cost of the voyage (not the discounted cost) is required at time of booking with full payment due 120 days prior to departure.

Why choose Peregrine

Customise your adventure

A voyage to Antarctica is the ultimate trip of a lifetime, which is why we give you the freedom to customise your trip with a wide range of optional activities. Choose to explore the water on a kayaking expedition, sign up for a photography masterclass, rejuvenate with some onboard yoga and massage, or camp out on the ice like a true explorer. 

Small group expeditions

Leading small group adventures is at the core of what we do. While most polar expedition operators have a leader-to-passenger ratio of 10, 15 or 20, Peregrine's expeditions on the Ocean Endeavour have an expedition crew member for every eight passengers. That means spending more quality time with your expert leaders learning about this unique environment and less time feeling like a face in a crowd.

Expert leaders

Our experienced leaders have made hundreds of polar voyages. Learn about the history, geography and wildlife of the Antarctic from experts in fields such as marine biology, glaciology and history who are always at the ready to answer questions, whether it’s out in the field or at the dinner table.

Responsible travel

Antarctica is one of the last great wildernesses on the planet, so we put a lot of care into ensuring we leave only footprints behind on our expeditions. That’s why we carbon offset our expeditions and put a variety of sustainability practices in place. We also serve only sustainably-sourced seafood, avoid single-use plastics and use biodegradable and phosphate-free cleaning products on board.

Ocean Endeavour: your home on the sea

The newly-refurbished Ocean Endeavour offers a superb guest experience thanks to its expansive choice of cabin categories, large common areas, a sundeck, 360-degree polar landscape viewing, and lounges for learning and reflection. The ship’s interiors have a contemporary aesthetic that provides a bright and spacious feel throughout. The Ocean Endeavour is also the only polar expedition ship in Antarctica offering its own full-service health and wellness centre on board.

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Leave only footprints

‘Sustainable cruising’ might seem like a contradiction in terms, given the history of the big mega liners. But it’s a side of the industry we want to change. Voyages are carbon offset and we refrain from single-use plastics on board, recycle, cook with sustainable seafood, and use biodegradable cleaning products in bathrooms. It’s all part of our commitment to being a carbon neutral company and, since 2018, a certified B Corp (Benefits Corporation).

We also give back to the region by supporting such organisations as the Mawson’s Huts Foundation. Established in 1997, the foundation conserves the fragile and historic buildings at Cape Denison, Commonwealth Bay, East Antarctica, which were built and occupied by the legendary geologist and explorer Sir Douglas Mawson.


Highlights of Antarctica

Hikers at Danco Island in Antarctica

Take your first steps on Antarctica

It’s one thing to witness a calving glacier or a snow-capped Antarctic landscape, but setting foot on the Great White Continent itself is a thrill beyond words. Tick off one of the must-experience pinnacles of adventure travel as you interact with hordes of penguins on their own terrain.

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Witness the wildlife of South Georgia and the Falkland Islands

Enjoy unrivalled wildlife experiences in the British territories of the South Atlantic. Home to hundreds of thousands of breeding pairs of king penguin, St Andrews Bay is South Georgia’s largest penguin rookery and a spectacle to behold; and the Falklands boasts the world’s largest black-browed albatross colony.

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Uncover the unique history and geology of Deception Island

Deception Island, a haunting environment set on a sunken volcano (one of only two active volcanoes in Antarctica), is the prime place to encounter gentoo, chinstrap and Adelie penguins. While the port has a dark history as a former whaling station, these days it’s used as a scientific outpost and the launching point for expeditions.

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Camp out on the White Continent

There are camping trips, then there are unforgettable camping trips. Step from a Zodiac onto the shore of Antarctica and spend a night among the snow-dusted peaks, immense glaciers and great expanses of contrasting ocean and ice. It is an optional activity not to be missed.

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Take your Antarctica experience to the next level with some outdoor adventures. These activities are offered on many of our trips.


Antarctica – the seventh and final continent, where penguins, seals and birds are the only permanent residents. Here’s a snapshot of what you might see when you visit the Southern Ocean.


For in-depth information on our Antarctica tours, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Discover Antarctica

There is more than one Antarctica. The Great White Continent is a diverse place that offers not only some of the world’s most extraordinary wildlife but also a great breadth of landscapes, geography and human history – even pub culture. Dive deeper and compare the Antarctic peninsula with the Subantarctic Islands. A greater understanding of these regions will help shape your journey and ensure you come away with a richer experience.

Read more about Antarctica