Football, tango and dance, Argentina’s ostentatious culture is matched only by its wild and uncontained terrain.

To hear the word Argentina conjures images of a colonial past, fervent revolutions and modern glamour. The torn history of Buenos Aires lives on in its colonial era facades – beautiful buildings of old that give this country its European flavor. Today, the attraction of Argentina’s urban life is almost impossible to resist, with engrossing football matches and cool cultural arts to get caught up in. But Argentina’s natural side is no less rivetting, with rugged towering Andes and roaring Iguazu Falls to explore.

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Argentina travel FAQs

  • Belgium: not required
  • Germany: not required
  • Ireland: not required
  • Netherlands: not required
  • New Zealand: not required
  • South Africa: not required
  • Switzerland: not required
  • United Kingdom: not required

Citizens of Australia, the US and Canada are granted visa-free access after paying a reciprocity tax. The amounts are as follows:

  • Australians - US$100 (multiple entry for up to 1 year from date of issue)
  • Canadians - US$92 (multiple entry for up to 5 years from date of issue)
  • Americans - US$160 (multiple entry for up to 10 years from date of issue)

This fee can only be paid online through the following website:

For instructions on how to process this payment please visit:

A receipt for this payment must be produced at every border crossing into Argentina.

Tipping is generally expected in restaurants so it’s good to add 10% to your bill. For other services like taxis and hotels, staff don’t expect as much of a tip, so a few pesos should do.

Internet is readily available in all urban and suburban areas, with plenty of free Wi-Fi in public places and cafes. However, there may be less coverage in remote or rural areas.

Argentina has good mobile phone coverage in all major centres, however service is less reliable in remote or rural areas. Ensure global roaming is activated with your provider if you wish to use your phone.

Argentina has a mix of modern flush toilets and simple squat toilets, depending on where you go. It’s a good idea to bring toilet paper with you as it often isn’t provided in public toilets.

  • City bus/subway fare = 1-2 pesos
  • Bottle of beer in a bar/club = 10-20 pesos
  • Glass of wine in a restaurant = 15-20 pesos
  • Simple lunch = 25-30 pesos
  • Dinner at a restaurant = 50-100 pesos

Tap water in Argentina is safe to drink unless otherwise stated. For environmental reasons, avoid buying bottled water and take a canteen or bottle that you can refill yourself.

Credit cards like VISA and Mastercard are readily accepted in major cities, but they aren’t always used in small towns and rural areas. Cash is preferred in these places so be prepared to carry some with you.

Argentina has plenty of ATMS in major cities and urban areas but fewer in remote and rural areas. Be prepared to take cash with you on excursions to the country.

Yes. All peregrine passengers are required to purchase travel insurance prior to their trip. Your insurance details will be recorded by your leader on the first day.

For more information on insurance, please go to:

For a current list of public holidays go to:

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