Give twice this holiday season

The silly season is upon us again. Instead of scratching your head for gift ideas or joining the last-minute rush to the shops, here’s a thought. This year, give your loved ones something meaningful – healthcare for a child in Kenya or a warm bed for a homeless person in Russia; hearing aids for a kid in Cambodia or sewing equipment for women in Nepal.

The Intrepid Foundation’s Global Gifts provide vital support and comfort to people in need around the world. Ranging in price from AU $15 to AU $600, they’re a wonderful alternative to more chocolate or yet another pair of pajamas. And the best thing? Buy any Global Gift, and we’ll match the purchase dollar-for-dollar. So instead of providing one Tanzanian child with school books, you’ll be providing two. 

This festive season, give the gift of meaningful change – twice. Take a look at our range of Global Gifts here.


Who is The Intrepid Foundation?

Responsible travel is a big reason we do the things we do. It’s why, way back in 2002, we set up The Intrepid Foundation, Peregrine's not-for-profit organization. Its purpose was pretty simple: to empower travellers to make a difference and to help communities in the places we visit. Since it began, we’ve raised over AUD$5,000,000 for over 70 grassroots projects in 25 countries around the world, covering 100% of the administrative costs and doubling your donation, dollar for dollar*.

Adventure may be what we do; this is the why.

*Up to $1,000 per donor and a total of AUD$400,000 per financial year, excluding emergency appeals.

Child drinking water in Peru

The Gift of Clean Water – Peru

Project Peru offers food, clothing, shelter, education, health and fun to children in the desert shanty towns of Lima. For years they’ve had to boil all their water, but now a drinking fountain provides clean, filtered water, protecting children and staff from disease. This gift will provide filters for a month of clean water.

Clean water provided by Project Peru

Your gift will be matched dollar for dollar by Intrepid Group

Give the gift of clean water
Street kids in Vietnam eating noodles

The Gift of Healthy Meals for Street Children – Vietnam

Blue Dragon kids are street kids living in extreme poverty, and victims of human trafficking and slavery.

Malnutrition is a common issue faced by Vietnam’s street children. This gift will provide two weeks’ worth of healthy meals to a disadvantaged street child at Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation.

Meals provided by Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation.

Your gift will be matched dollar for dollar by Intrepid Group

Give the gift of a healthy meal
Woman learning to sew in Nepal

The Gift of Training – Nepal

Many women in Nepal are marginalised due to disability or divorce. Seven Women works to empower these women through skills training, education and employment, giving them the opportunity to support themselves and their families. This gift will provide a Nepalese woman with housing, food, accommodation and skills training for one month.

Training provided by Seven Women

Your gift will be matched dollar for dollar by Intrepid Group

Give the gift of training
Child in Kenya smiling for the camera

The Gift of Healthcare for a Child – Kenya

New Hope cares for over 130 Kenyan children in need of protection. They are fed, housed, educated and, most importantly, loved by the New Hope Children’s Centre. This gift will provide a child in Kenya with healthcare for one year.

The healthcare will be provided by New Hope Children’s Centre

Your gift will be matched dollar for dollar by Intrepid Group

Give the gift of healthcare
Indian family in their tent

The Gift of Light – India

400 million people in India spend each night over a harmful, costly, dim kerosene flame, losing precious work or study hours. This gift will help Pollinate Energy launch a ‘worker bee’, a community member who can identify families living in the dark and help deliver 5 years of safe, reliable solar-powered light to 10 families.

Light provided by Pollinate Energy.

Your gift will be matched dollar for dollar by Intrepid Group

Give the gift of light