The Silk Road stirs up images of caravans traversing the Central Asian steppe, loaded with bolts of exotic fabric or fragrant spices.

While the days of camel convoys are long gone, the legacy of the Silk Road lives on today – in the stone caravanserais of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, the bustling bazaars and mosques of Turkey and Iran, and in the diverse ethnic groups of northern China. History is all around – you just need to know where to look. 


What was the Silk Road? 

In actual fact, the Silk Road was not one single route, but a complex, shifting network of ancient trade corridors connecting east to west by land and sea – passing at various stages of history through China, the Indian subcontinent, Central Asia, Persia, Arabia, the Horn of Africa and into Europe via Turkey. Along with the famous, lucrative trade of silk between China and Europe, merchants used the roads to transport all sorts of goods, including horses, animal hides, spices, textiles, precious stones, artwork, and fruit and vegetables. 

But the Silk Roads facilitated far more than a movement of cargo between kingdoms. They were a communication channel, a way for populations to share ideas, knowledge, skills and news. Cities along the Silk Roads became centres of cultural, intellectual and religious exchange. Languages spread, ethnicities mixed, and civilisations formed and fell. Eurasia became the diverse, historic melting pot it is today. 


The Silk Road today

We can’t literally lead you back through time (if only!), but Peregrine’s itineraries are carefully designed to do the next best thing – take you on an intimate, unforgettable journey through the most historic and remote land-based regions of the Silk Road. Our expert leaders will be there every step of the way, getting you safely from A to B and providing invaluable insight into local history and culture. 

While they’ll show you the highlights – Bukhara’s Kalyan Minaret, the ancient city of Samarkand, Istanbul’s awe-inspiring mosques  – it’s often the simpler moments that stick with you, like watching locals barter for donkeys outside of Kashgar, or bunking down under the stars in an Uzbek desert camp like centuries of travellers have done before. 

Whether on a small group tour through Turkey, the Middle East or the –stans, or on our very special Limited Edition journey through northern China, travel with Peregrine and experience the Silk Roads of the past and present. It’s a lot comfier than travelling by camel caravan, too!


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