Stepping foot onto the islands of Svalbard is a surreal experience of glinting glaciers, mountain-scapes and the endless blue of the ocean. 

Visitors to Svalbard are taken with the place before they even arrive. Approach on boat and you get stunning views of mountains soaring out of the sea. Setting foot on the archipelago itself is no less profound, as you enter a realm that is completely alien. Witness the majesty of the 14th of July ice cliff, and the beauty of Alkefjellet which is filled with millions of seabird. There seems to be no limit to the wildlife here, with walruses sprawled over Torellneset and reindeer stomping through Ny London. So bring a camera and brace to explore the wonders of Spitsbergen and beyond. 

Our tours in Svalbard

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Why we love Svalbard (Spitsbergen)

  • The capital Longyearbyen, with its end-of-civilisation feel, expedition cruises circumnavigate the archipelago, exploring the glacier-studded coast and visiting historic whaling outposts
  • This stunning environment of towering ice cliffs and frozen mountains is home to wonderful wildlife, including beluga whales, bearded and ringed seals, vast seabird colonies, walruses, and the majestic, elusive polar bear, spotted roaming the ice floes or swimming between the frozen shores in search of prey
  • Rich in history and culture, with diverse wildlife, the Svalbard (or Spitsbergen) archipelago, north of Norway, offers fabulous exploration