Set off on an expedition inspired by renowned polar explorers leading to the Great White Continent.

Cruise by glittering icebergs as you make your way to the shorelines of Antarctica, offering some of the world’s best whale viewing, seal gazing and penguin watching, all against a spectacular backdrop of ocean and ice. This mountainous southern land even has its own modest history, with British outposts – The Falkland Islands and South Georgia – exuding warmth from their pubs and old-world hospitality.

Our Antarctic tours and trips

11 Days From 14995

Capture the essence of the Antarctic peninsula and its incredible islands aboard the...

11 Days From 14995

Follow the whales of Antarctica as they migrate south on this 11-day Peregrine...

14 Days From 19995

Take an adventure of a lifetime to the Antarctic and beyond. Cross the Antarctic Circle...

Tailor-Made trips

Take two or more on an exclusive trip and tailor your itinerary

11 Days From 10495

Voyage from Chile’s Puntas Arenas to Antarctica on an 11-day icy adventure on board the...

14 Days From 19995

See a total solar eclipse as you tour Antarctica on a 14-day expedition aboard...

21 Days From 26945

Embark on an immersive 21-day adventure across the depths of the Drake Passage to the...

11 Days From 14995

Spend 11 days on board the Ocean Endeavour with Peregrine and the World Wildlife Fund –...

14 Days From 18745

Join Intrepid and special guests from the World Wildlife Fund-Australia’s whale...

21 Days From 22650

Explore South Georgia, the Antarctic Peninsula and the Falkland Islands on this 21-day...

11 Days From 14995

This 11-day Christmas expedition travels to Antarctica for the ultimate white Christmas...

16 Days From 28900

See the wildlife-filled wonders of South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula with...

23 Days From 29700

Take a comprehensive polar journey across the Antarctic Circle to the Falkland Islands,...

11 Days From 20700

Discover the phenomenal wildlife and rugged landscapes of the Antarctic Peninsula and...

14 Days From 16000

From Ushuaia, head on a 14-day in-depth polar expedition with Peregrine that goes...

8 Days From 21200

From Punta Arenas, fly across the Drake Passage and discover the wilds of Antarctic...

11 Days From 29300

Explore the spectacular Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands on this 11-day...

14 Days From 40500

Join Peregrine to beyond the Antarctic Peninsula and venture south of the Antarctic...

12 Days From 11945

Take to Antarctica on an 12-day expedition on board the Ocean Endeavour via Puntas...

14 Days From 14680

Experience the rare opportunity to explore both the eastern and western sides of the...

14 Days From 18350

Take an adventure of a lifetime to the Antarctic and beyond. Cross the Antarctic Circle...

13 Days From 35300

Experience the rare opportunity to explore Cape Horn and the Diego Ramirez Islands on...

20 Days From 69600

Follow in the legendary footsteps of Shackleton and his crew with an epic 20-day...

Highlights of the Antarctic

Take your first steps on Antarctica

Antarctica is so far removed from most people’s reality that it may as well be on a different planet. While it’s a mesmerising travel destination, it is also an interactive experience for travellers. Step from a Zodiac onto land and into the world of bustling penguins.

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Witness the wildlife of South Georgia and the Falklands

Savour wildlife encounters while exploring the islands dubbed the “Galapagos of the South”. Venture to the site of black-brown albatross colonies and the breeding grounds for thousands of king penguins. Visit the old whaling settlement of Gritviken and follow in the footsteps of the polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton.

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Meet penguins on Deception Island

Deception Island, a haunting environment set on a sunken volcano, is the prime place to encounter gentoo, chinstrap and Adelie penguins. While the port has a dark history as a former whaling station, these days it’s used as a scientific outpost and the launching point for expeditions.

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Kayak around the White Continent

Glide across glass-like water with nothing to disturb you but the pull of your paddle and the anticipation of your next wildlife encounter. All equipment is provided and the excursion is led with an experienced cold-water guide. Some kayaking experience is essential for this optional activity.

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Your home on the sea

We know you want to be as comfortable as possible while onboard, which is why we’ve chosen vessels equipped with modern conveniences like LED televisions and internet connectivity, along with luxurious touches that make each voyage a true pleasure. Each ship boasts onboard chefs to prepare a range of hearty, quality meals, and onboard experts to ensure you spend more time seeing the sights and less time thumbing through a guidebook.

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Take your Antarctica experience to the next level with some outdoor adventures. These activities are offered on many of our trips.


Antarctica – the seventh and final continent, where penguins, seals and birds are the only permanent residents. Here’s a snapshot of what you might see when you visit the Southern Ocean.


There are no visa requirements for Antarctica, but visas may be required for Argentina and Chile which is where you’ll probably depart from.

The ship has a laundry service that you can use at an affordable price.

The Zodiac takes travelers on excursions from the ship to the shore. You’ll have the option of going out to research stations, penguin colonies and pebble beaches. You can also stay on the vessel if you don’t feel like going out that day.

Penguins are naturally curious and may come quite close to you. Approach them slowly by sitting or kneeling so that you appear less threatening but don’t get closer than 5 meters. Wait a few moments and you’re sure to get some fantastic shots.

Yes. All peregrine passengers are required to purchase travel insurance prior to their trip. Your insurance details will be recorded by your leader on the first day.

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