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Introducing a new a style of travel – small ship Adventure Cruising with maximum 50 passengers per voyage. Think less on-board casinos and more cruising the Spanish coastline with frequent port stops for fresh seafood and patatas bravas, perhaps a dip in a sheltered bay off the edge of Croatia or discover some of the rarest creatures in the world while cruising the Galapagos Islands.

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10% per person per tour discount is available to Better Homes & Gardens readers and one travelling companion.  Proof of entitlement is required at time of booking (a copy of the magazine page) and must be provided to Peregrine Adventures for validation (this will be kept on file). Discount applies to new bookings only and cannot be applied retrospectively.  Discount applies to Peregrine Adventure Cruising tours with product codes: PEDS, PESD, PENC, PEGC, PELM, PELT, PECI, PATM, PACK, PACS, PAIC, PAPI, PASN, PAHD, PANS, PACN, PSGQA, PSGQB, PSGQC, PSGQD, PSGQE, PSGQF, PSGQG, PSGQH, PSGQI, PSGQJ, PSGQK departing by 31 May 2019. Bookings must be made and deposited between 01 February 2018 and 31 March 2018 . The discount applies to the adventure cruising tour price only and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer (except the Qantas Points offer if applicable) and are not combinable. Discount does not apply to local payments, permits, additional travel arrangements, international and local airfares. Deposit of $600 per person per trip is required upon booking. . If booking within 90 days of departure (56 days for Galapagos voyages), full payment is due immediately. All tours are subject to availability. *Prices are per person, based on a Lower Deck Standard Twin/Double cabin, low season, tour only. Prices, itineraries and inclusions are subject to change without notice. Standard booking conditions apply as per Peregrine's website. Please quote promo code 53337 when booking.

Our selected Adventure Cruises 

8 Days From £1,272

Uncover Malaysia and Thailand’s spectacular west coast on a small-ship Peregrine...

8 Days From £1,755

Embrace Dalmatian life on this glorious 8-day adventure cruise on Croatia’s coast....

8 Days From £1,730

Join Peregrine for a small ship cruising adventure to Croatia. Voyage along the...

8 Days From £1,730

Join Peregrine for a small ship cruising adventure to Croatia. Voyage along the...

15 Days From £2,768

Experience the beautiful coast of Vietnam on a Peregrine small-ship adventure cruise to...

8 Days From £1,442

Travel the south coast of Vietnam on a Peregrine small-ship adventure cruise, visiting...

8 Days From £1,278

Join a small-ship cruise to the beautiful small islands off Southern Thailand’s west...

8 Days From £2,445

Climb aboard the Harmony V for an unforgettable cruising adventure in Portugal, Spain...

8 Days From £1,925

Embark on a small-ship coastal cruise in Vietnam, visiting iconic Halong Bay, the cave...

8 Days From £2,445

Climb aboard the Harmony V and set sail for Spain, Portugal and Morocco on this...

8 Days From £2,060

Cruise Vietnam’s south coast on a small-ship Peregrine adventure, visiting Hoi An, Nha...

15 Days From £2,768

Travel to Vietnam and embark on a small-ship adventure cruise to Nha Trang, Ha Long Bay...

Our new Galapagos Yacht 

10 Days From £4,511

Explore the wildlife-rich islands of the Galapagos on this Peregrine adventure to Isla...

7 Days From £2,976

Island hop with Peregrine around the wildlife-rich waters of the Galapagos, with stops...

7 Days From £2,156

Spot bright, bizarre and beautiful wildlife on this exciting adventure through the...

10 Days From £4,681

All aboard for a wildlife-rich adventure through the Galapagos Islands with Peregrine,...

6 Days From £1,725

Discover wildlife at its finest in the Central Galapagos Islands with Peregrine,...

10 Days From £3,129

Follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin as you explore the incredible Galapagos...

10 Days From £4,816

Explore the unique Galapagos ecosystem on this fascinating 10-day adventure with...

17 Days From £8,571

Enjoy the ultimate in Galapagos exploration with Peregrine, taking in all of the...

6 Days From £2,446

Enjoy a classic adventure in the Galapagos with Peregrine, taking in the wildlife...

Welcome aboard

Adventure Cruising 

Looking back at the Peregrine Adventure Cruise Boat

Sail uncharted waters

When it comes to cruising, bigger is not necessarily better. While mega liners are very restricted in their routes and itineraries, a smaller ship means we can dock in out-of-the-way ports and drop anchor wherever we feel like it. Instead of mooring out to sea, we pull up right in the centre of town. You can stroll on and off the boat whenever you like (very handy when you forget your sunglasses). And our itineraries are flexible enough to change as the weather dictates. So if we spot some idyllic sun-soaked cove off the starboard bow, there’s nothing stopping us from dropping anchor and having a swim.

Travelers on Peregrine Boat in Croatia

A personal touch

On a small ship adventure cruise, you’re travelling with between 30 and 50 passengers…not 3000. Our boats have a maximum of 25 suites, and the small group atmosphere means you get a more personal level of service. By the end of the trip, the waiters know how you take your coffee (and, more importantly, your favourite cocktails). Your Cruise Director will greet you by name. You’ll get to know your fellow passengers and have a chance to make real lasting friendships. They’re little things, but they make all the difference. You’re not just another face in the crowd.

Galapagos Cruising

Queen Beatriz Boat

Experience the ‘Enchanted Islands’ in our new custom-built yacht, the Grand Queen Beatriz. Our new boutique expedition boat will come into service on the 30th June 2018. Custom built, with a stylish modern design, ensuite bathrooms, outward-facing windows in all cabins (and private balconies in some), and a jacuzzi on the sundeck, the ‘Grand Queen Bea’ will be one of the newest boats operating in the Galapagos. It will come equipped with the latest in safety, navigation systems and fuel efficiency.

  • A choice of 3 spacious cabin types with large picture windows, ensuite bathrooms, air conditioning & safety deposit boxes
  • Junior and Deluxe cabins come with private balconies
  • Spacious bar and dining room, interior lounge with large screen TV for daily briefings, exterior lounge & bar, sun deck and spa
  • 3 meals and refreshments prepared by our on board chef
  • Tea, coffee & drinking water available 24 hours a day
  • All snorkelling equipment, wetsuits and beach towels included
  • Experienced multi lingual guide
  • 5 star accommodation in Quito pre and post cruise
  • Complimentary arrival transfer
Giant Tortoise Galapagos Ecuador


We always refer to the Galapagos as one destination. What many people fail to realize though is that there are 18 independent and unique islands. In fact, certain wildlife can only be found on specific islands. The Galapagos penguin only lives on Fernandina and Isabela; red-footed boobies are most prevalent on Genovesa; even Floreana has an endangered mockingbird named after it. As such it is clear that if you choose to see only a couple of islands, you could be missing out on a great deal of fantastic wildlife.  We are all for venturing off the beaten path, but not when you’re in the Galapagos. Visitors are required to stay on marked trails and maintain a distance of at least two metres (six feet) from wildlife. Though they might try to approach you, never touch or feed the animals, as it can be harmful to their health.

The Galapagos: A year round destination


Average air temp 30C/76F
Average water temp 24C/76F
Average rainfall 2.5cm/1in

Activity on the Islands

Green Sea Turtles start to lay their eggs
Land iguanas begin to breed on Isabela
Adult, male, marine iguanas present bright red and green colours to attract a mate
Land birds are more active and begin to nest


Average air temp 30C/86F
Average water temp 25C/77F
Average rainfall 2.5cm/1in

Activity on the Islands

Marine Iguanas nesting on Santa Cruz
Penguins migrate to Isabela & Fernandina from Bartolome
Flamingos start to nest on Floreana
Red foot boobies & masked boobies nesting and breeding


Average air temp 32C/86F
Average water temp 25C/77F
Average rainfall 5cm/2in

Activity on the Islands

Mating season for frigate birds on San Cristobal & Genovesa
Marine iguanas start to nest on North Seymour & Fernandina
Waved albatross begin to arrive on Espanola
Penguins active in the waters of Isabela


Average air temp 31C/88F
Average water temp 25C/77F
Average rainfall 3.8cm/1.5in

Activity on the Islands

Sea turtles, marine iguanas & land iguanas are hatching
Waved albatross complete migration to Espanola to begin nesting [waved albatross mate for life]
Magnificent & great frigate birds nesting
End of hatching season for the giant tortoises


Average air temp 26C/82F
Average water temp 24C/76F
Average rainfall 1.9cm/.75in

Activity on the Islands

Waved albatross lay eggs on Espanola
Blue footed booby mating season (includes courtship dance)
Galapagos penguin breeding and nesting [penguins mate for life]
Galapagos sea lions start to mate


Average air temp 26C/79F
Average water temp 21C/73F
Average rainfall 1.5cm/.6in

Activity on the Islands

Giant tortoises migrate to the lowlands of Santa Cruz in search of suitable nesting sites
Humpback whales can be seen in the islands
In late June whale sharks may be seen in the north (a trip including Genovesa would give you the best chance to see them)
Male frigatebirds begin their courtship by inflating their red pouch


Average air temp 26C/79F
Average water temp 20C/72F
Average rainfall 1.3cm/.5in

Activity on the Islands

Nesting season for blue footed boobies & flightless cormorants
Sea lion breeding season with males patrolling beaches and chasing away competing males
Flamingos begin their courtship dance
Lava lizards begin their mating rituals


Average air temp 26C/79F
Average water temp 21C/71F
Average rainfall .6cm/.25in

Activity on the Islands

Sea lions birthing
Galapagos fur seals birthing
Giant tortoises return to the Santa Cruz highlands after laying their eggs
Galapagos hawks court on Espanola and Santiago


Average air temp 26C/79F
Average water temp 22C/72F
Average rainfall 1.3cm/.5in

Activity on the Islands

Sea lion pups are active
Penguins active and courting on Bartolome
Humpback whales and whale sharks can be sighted in the north west
Sea birds active at their nesting sites


Average air temp 27C/79F
Average water temp 23C/73F
Average rainfall .6cm/.25in

Activity on the Islands

Blue footed booby chicks can be seen on Isabela & Espanola
Galapagos fur sea lions mating season
Lava herons begin to nest
Peak nesting and mating time for the waved albatross


Average air temp 28C/79F
Average water temp 24C/73F
Average rainfall 1.3cm/.5in

Activity on the Islands

Green sea turtles mating season starts
Opportunity to see whale sharks in the North West (as they migrate south)
Baby sea lions are very active & this is the best time to interact with them in the water
Male marine iguanas start to establish and defend their territories prior to mating


Average air temp 29C/81F
Average water temp 25C/73F
Average rainfall 1.3cm/.5in

Activity on the Islands

Giant tortoise eggs begin to hatch
Sea lions & fur sea lions start to breed
Waved albatross chicks start to fledge
Green sea turtles start to display mating behaviours


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