As a Peregrine employee, there's more to work than the job you do. It's about becoming part of an energetic and diverse global family, with a zest for life and a lust for travel.

We work hard to maintain an environment that hits the right note between professional and fun - because it's our belief that people are more inventive when inspired, more productive when passionate and more resourceful when recognised. And with offices around the world, there's always plenty of opportunities for fun, adventure and career development with Peregrine.

Peregrine Adventures is proud member of the Intrepid Group, the global leader in delivering sustainable experience-rich travel. For the latest opportunities with the Intrepid Group please visit our careers page or find us on LinkedIn.

Please be aware that there are unscrupulous agencies and individuals attempting to scam jobseekers using the Peregrine name. All we can do is help you keep your eye out for these fake advertisements on job boards.

If a role is not advertised on this website, it may not be legitimate. Contact us directly and we’ll be happy to check it out for you. As always, please don’t send any personal information to anyone unless you’re sure you have received a genuine job offer.

If you have been affected by this scam, please report it at "