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Trip overview

The One Day Inca Trail is a great option for those wanting to experience trekking in Peru, but don’t want to do the full 4 days. This trek starts in from the train station known as “Km 104” and after a steep ascent, it follows the last portion of the Classic Inca Trail.

Trekkers enter Machu Picchu at the sungate in the afternoon where there will be some time to take a few photos before taking a short bus ride down to Aguas Calientes to spend the night and re-join the rest of the group. This trek is subject to permit availability, must be pre booked and will incur a surcharge.


We begin our walk by crossing the Vilcanota / Urubamba River where we enter the Inca Trail at approximately 9am. Soon after we visit Inca ruins of Chachabamba.
While this is one of the easiest treks around the Cusco region, you still need to have a reasonable level of fitness to complete it. After our upwards climb, we arrive at the Inca site Wiñay Wayna ('Forever Young') (2680m/8792ft) This is an impressive complex made up of an agricultural centre with numerous terraces, a religious sector and an urban sector. Many consider this the most impressive site on the whole Inca Trail.

We will then continue for about one hour further onto 'Inti Punku' (The 'Sun gate') (2730m/8792ft) from where you will have your views of Machu Picchu (2400m/7873ft). As you are arriving late in the day you may be lucky enough to enjoy the view by yourself!

Built around 1450, the city was deserted less than a century later following the Spanish invasion and ‘lost’ for hundreds of years before it was rediscovered by Hiram Bingham in 1911. The architecture of Machu Picchu is quite extraordinary, with the mortar-free design particularly earthquake resistant and the stones so precisely cut that to this day not even a knife fits between them.
Depending on what time you arrive to Machu Picchu you'll have some time to take a few pictures and look around, however your guided tour will be tomorrow morning when you return to Machu Picchu.
We take a short bus down to Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu town) where you'll spend the night in a hotel.

1-Day Inca Trail - Packing List

In addition to the general packing list on your trip notes, please ensure you bring these items if you are trekking in Peru.

You MUST take your passport, a photocopy is not sufficient. It's important the passport matches the details your proivided us when booking this trip (Keep it in a plastic bag in case of rain)

Day Pack:
A day bag that has easy access to water bottles (external side pockets) or a day pack with a built in hydration bladder. This bag only needs to be large enough to hold the few things you need during the day (hat, water, camera, snacks, rain jacket etc)

Water bottle:
You should be carrying at least 2 litres of water for the day. Depending on whether you have a hydration bladder in your bag or not we recommend bringing two (1 litre) bottles that can be refilled on the trail with boiled water, which will be supplied daily.
Waterproof, well worn-in walking boots:
Good quality, comfortable footwear is essential. Whatever you wear on your feet the most important thing is comfort. It is vital to ensure your boots are well worn in and lightweight. Ankle support and waterproofing is recommended but if you already have something comfortable with good grip on rocks then don’t go rushing out to buy new boots – you are better off with your well-worn in pair!
Walking clothing in layers:
(e.g. zip off trousers, fleece, T-shirts).
Sunscreen, sunglasses and sunhat

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