Filled with Byzantine domed basilicas and gold-gilded palaces, Russia’s imperial charm can’t be understated.  

Whether it’s following in the footsteps of literary greats, entering the mausoleum of the revolutionist Lenin or taking a moment in Moscow’s Red Square – Russia certainly delivers with dramatic impact. Even the mosaic masterpieces in the subway leave you in awe. In St Petersburg, visit grand palace gardens and admire the housed collections of priceless artistic works. These two impressive cities share a rivalry of historical displays yet you will find the warmth of the people and the lure of countryside hospitality waiting with open arms.

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Highlights of Russia

Discover Russia’s political and cultural capitals

What some may regard as Russia’s impenetrable facade, discover what lies beneath as you explore Moscow and St Petersburg. Home to brilliant monuments of the Eastern Orthodox Church, figures of political prowess and the nation’s impressive artforms.

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Get the view of a lifetime from above the Arctic Circle

Hover at heights atop of the world and be one of the few people to venture deep into the Arctic to reach its famed centre. From a helicopter or a tethered hot air balloon, behold scenes of light playing off tessellating ocean and ice. Many dream of this moment and revel in the reality of being positioned at 90 degrees North.

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Launch from Russia on an adventure to the North Pole

Steam through thick passages of pack ice on the purpose-built Russian icebreaker to arrive at the centre at what can only be described as the world’s most fantastical destination – the North Pole. A region of almost unspeakable beauty, the journey is equally inspiring, one for the true adventurer.

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The Peregrine difference

We know you want to be as comfortable as possible while onboard, which is why we’ve chosen vessels equipped with modern conveniences like LED televisions and internet connectivity, along with luxurious touches that make each voyage a true pleasure. Each ship boasts onboard chefs to prepare a range of hearty, quality meals, and onboard experts to ensure you spend more time seeing the sights and less time thumbing through a guidebook.

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Onboard experts

There's only so much you can read in a guidebook, especially when it comes to such rare and extraordinary locations. That's why we have a range of specialists onboard for every polar journey, from historians to marine biologists and hiking guides. With experts at hand, you can be assured that no question will be left unanswered. 

Annie – Marine biologist

"I love my job because everyday you don’t quite know what’s going to unfold. For me, a big part of it is about being able to educate and shift people's understanding of wildlife, and to give them an experience that will last in their memories for a lifetime"

Todd – Naturalist

"I’m a firm believer in conservation and creating awareness through education and sharing our experience. I love sharing the polar regions with guests, connecting people to the environment and using my job as a platform to teach people."

Wayne – Expedition guide

"The most important piece of advice I can give is to come here with an open mind and open heart. Take the whole experience in, from the vast landscapes, to the glaciers and the incredible wildlife that lives here." 


Each day brings the possibility of new wildlife sightings including thousands of nesting birds such as puffins; land-dwelling caribou; humpback, minke and fin whales; and bearded, harp and ring seals.


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