We’ve always been about putting purpose before profit, and in 2018 it was made official when we became a certified B Corp. 

That means we’re more committed than ever, and more accountable than ever, to being better – in the ways that matter. Becoming a B Corp is not only our official pledge to be a responsible business, but also to use travel as a force for good in the world. Peregrine now joins the likes of Patagonia, Ben and Jerry’s, Etsy, Danone and over 2,600 other companies across the globe who stand behind their greater purpose as a business, not just their balance sheet.

What does our B Corp certification mean?

Being a B Corp means we no longer merely strive to make a positive difference in the world – we are legally bound to it. Certified B Corps are companies that look after their staff, maintain a clean supply chain, and take corporate social responsibility seriously. For us, becoming a B Corp means taking all the work we’ve already done to the next level and conducting an extensive audit to ensure we’re complying with the highest responsible business standards. Not only that, we conduct regular audits to ensure we keep on improving.

Who's in charge of B Corp certification?

The term B Corp stands for ‘Benefits Corporation’, and the people behind the B Corp system are called B Lab. They’re a not-for-profit organisation based in Pennsylvania, USA. In their own words, B Corps are ‘businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.’ This model exists to help companies be better – better for the world, not just for them and their shareholders.

How do B Corps work?

B Corps work on a points system. Companies must first earn enough points to be initially certified, then earn more as they make continual improvements. Points are awarded for how well a company is governed, how well staff are treated, and what they do to benefit communities, customers and the environment. Once certification has been attained, it’s about making continual improvements and earning more points.

How has B Corp certification changed the way we operate?

As a result of the B Corp process, we’ve made a number of changes to the way we operate including:

  • Producing a new annual report, called the Integrated Report, that provides a comprehensive and transparent account of how we operate. 
  • Introducing three weeks paid parental leave (or caregiver leave) for all staff, which is a big deal in many countries. 
  • Reviewing our suppliers, which has led to some fantastic changes, such as female homestay suppliers signing their own contracts in Egypt. 
  • Improving the gender balance in our staff. For instance, in Morocco we’ve managed to increase our female staff from zero to twelve in the three years since we applied for B Corp certification.

If you want to see how we (as part of our parent company the Intrepid Group) performed on our journey to becoming a B Corp, you can read our B Impact report here.

What does our B Corp status mean for you, our travellers?

We’re still running the same authentic, sustainable small-group tours across the globe with our dedicated local leaders at the helm. But now that we’re a B Corp, it means you’ll have the firmest reassurance that the people behind the scenes are being supported – from the leaders and drivers to the cooks and porters. And you have our word, sealed with a global stamp of approval, that we’re committed to our purpose beyond profit: using travel as a force for good in the world.