There’s no denying it, Europe is one of those travel destinations that truly has it all. 


From the impressive imperial palaces of Russia to the otherworldly scenery of the sun-drenched Croatian coastlines, the magnificent icy glaciers in Iceland to the tasty tapas and wine in Spain.  

Whether you’d rather browse history and art museums in Krakow, stretch your legs and explore the Tatra Mountains on foot, take a guided food tour in Porto or sun yourself in the Cyclades, a European holiday is an experience that needs to be ticked off everyone’s bucket list. 

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Highlights of Europe

A group hiking in the Amalfi Coast

See the sights on foot

A walking tour means you get to really immerse yourself in a destination – at your own pace. When you feel like you want to spend some time exploring a little village and chat to the local barista, you don’t have to worry about finding your way back to a coach, you can just keep on moving.

A woman enjoying adventure cruising in Santorini, Greece

Take a coastal Adventure Cruise

On a small ship Adventure Cruise, you’ll discover the hidden coastlines of Europe with a maximum of 50 travellers. Maybe you’d like to cruise around the Greek Islands with a stop in Paros to explore the Byzantine church complex, or perhaps a cruise around the rugged coastline of Iceland’s Westfjords to spot incredible wildlife, including whales and puffins?

Taste a delicious pasta plate at Italy

Indulge in local cuisines

Everywhere you turn in Europe you will be faced with tough food decisions. In Italy, it might look something like choosing between another spoonful of rich truffled pasta or leaving room for a scoop of fresh gelato. In Portugal, it might be the choice between a fresh seafood platter or another round of Portuguese tarts. Life’s tough…

Beutiful view of Galicia Santiago De Compostela cathedral in Spain

Discover fascinating history

Europe is simply dripping with history. From the ancient Greco-Roman ruins of lost empires to quaint historical villages dotted with churches, there is so much to see and learn. Discover World War and Cold War history with tours through Eastern Europe or perhaps marvel at some of the continent’s most beautiful cathedrals in Spain.

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What to see in 7-10 days in Europe

Italy Lake Como

A short holiday in Europe means you might like to choose one or two places to explore in more depth, rather than trying to see the entire continent. If some sun and relaxation is what you’re after, you could try an Adventure Cruise along Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, with plenty of chances to hop off the boat and explore the small ports along the way. If history and culture are more your style, a highlight-filled tour of Russia could be the way to go, where you’ll see palaces, squares and museums galore. For the foodies out there, it’s hard to pass up an exploration of Italy’s best food destinations, including Bologna and colourful Cinque Terre. No matter where you choose to visit, you’re sure to have a week to remember.

What to see in 3 weeks in Europe

Germany beautiful mountain landscape

Three weeks in Europe means you’ll have a chance to explore a few of the destinations you’ve always dreamed of visiting or really take your time exploring one or two places in depth. You might want to take in some fascinating 20th century history in Central Europe, including visits to Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland. If you’d rather fewer travel days, an in-depth tour through Greece might be more your style – you’ll get to experience the sandy, white beaches and sun of Crete and Santorini, the bustle of Athens and the historic sites of Olympia, Delos and Delphi. And let’s not forget the stunning scenery and fresh Greek seafood and souvlakis.

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