One thing we’ve learned at Peregrine – you never outgrow adventure. The spirit that drives you to get out there and see the world.  

Not through a coach window or with 50 strangers wearing headsets, not with a personal butler or a big buffet breakfast – but intimately, authentically, memorably.

At Peregrine we’re for premium adventures, and for us that means embracing the spirit of adventure through a more immersive cultural journey. Hand-picked accommodation, small groups, award-winning local guides, added inclusions and a more considered pace. Premium means an exceptional experience, but never an artificial one. 

Yes, adventure still exists. It’s still out there. It just got a whole lot easier to find. 

What is a premium adventure?

Meeting the locals, Cusco, Peru

Exceptional local experiences

Why travel if not for the experience? To meet people, see things and do things that you can’t see and meet and do at home? We’ll start with the highlights, but when the big tour groups hop back on their coach, our local guides will help you find a more unique, personal experience. That little hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Rome, wine tasting with vintners in Mendoza or campfire stories with Botswana’s Ghanzi bushmen – immersive experiences that span 80 countries around the world.

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Feature stay in Cambodia

Quality, hand-picked accommodation

Our accommodation is hand-picked by our destination experts for its quality, character, amenities and central location. So your stay is not only memorable, but convenient. This year we’re introducing something a bit special: our feature stays. Each of our tours includes at least one stand out property – places that offer a deeper level of cultural immersion or unique perspective of a destination. It could be a heritage stay in a Rajasthan Palace, a wilderness lodge in the Sri Lankan jungle, a splash of luxury in a Moroccan Riad, or a night in stilt cottages over Myanmar’s Inle Lake.

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Sampling the wine, Santiago, Chile

Effortless travel

Some people subscribe to the theory that, if it’s comfortable it isn’t an adventure. Not us. We’re all for taking the hassles and uncertainties out of group travel. From first enquiry to the final farewell dinner, you’re in safe hands. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a premium style of adventure.

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View of Cusco, Peru

Intimate group size

On a Peregrine tour you’ll be travelling with, on average, just 9 other people. So when we say small groups, we mean it. You’ll get more personal and attentive service from your local guide, make lasting friendships and explore places off limits to the larger tour groups (like that tiny noodle bar in Hanoi or little Parisian boulangerie). It’s also how we reduce our travel footprint, preserving local experiences for future generations.

Peregrine tours are also a popular choice for those travelling solo as they're a great way to meet others with similar interests.

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Enjoying the Amazon lodge feature stay, Peru

A considered pace of travel

This is your journey, and we want you to enjoy it from Day 1. So we spend a little more time in each destination. Instead of packing and unpacking (and then repacking) each day, there’s more time to explore, to soak up the atmosphere, to relax and unwind at your own pace. It’s not about ticking off 12 countries in two weeks; it’s about absorbing a destination, finding its pulse and learning its story.   

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Machu Picchu, Peru

Award winning local guides

We learnt long ago that the best way to see a destination is with the people who live there. That’s why we pioneered the concept of employing local guides: expertly trained, and with a depth and breadth of knowledge you won’t find anywhere else. Want to know the secrets of Tibetan Buddhism? Where to find the best steak in Buenos Aires? Or what makes a Languedoc merlot so special? Your guide, and their local connections, have the answer. 

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Private transport, Argentina

Moving around with ease

When we’re not cruising on houseboats in Kerala or riding camels in the Sahara, we like to travel in small, private vehicles to reduce travel times. It means we can reach the spots that big buses can’t (ever tried squeezing a 60-seat coach through the lanes of Old Delhi?) Most of our transport is private, air-conditioned and comfortable; it’s a more convenient way to travel, and it lets us avoid the queues and the crowds on public transport. A smoother ride, and more time to explore: who said adventure had to be hard? 

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Bowl of Pho, Vietnam

Unforgettable dining experiences

When you travel with Peregrine, many meals are included in your trip cost, so you don’t have to think about making dinner plans – it’s all planned for you. While bigger tour groups struggle to get seats in backstreet bodegas and tiny bars, our expert local leaders – through their trusted connections – can snare you a table in the best (and most delicious) of locations.

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Private travel - group itineraries reimagined for private departures

While we feel that travelling with a small, like-minded group only adds to a holiday experience, we also recognise that some travellers may prefer to travel with those they know, which is why we offer a number of options.

Independent Experiences

A range of ‘mini tours’ that can be linked together to create a unique travel experience, with departures any day of the week.

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Private groups

Our experts can help you ceate your own private departure that will take you exactly where you want to go.

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Special occasions

Our Private Groups team love to design itineraries around how you want to travel.  Celebrate your next special occasion with a private tour.

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