Super-sized southern barbecue, skyscrapers and Rocky Mountains – North America is what the world would look like if you took it and made it big. 

It’s a land of giants – from the immense peaks of British Columbia and Alberta to the overindulgent pork ribs of the Deep South. While the Americans will keep you well-fed, the Canadians will get you out in the open: to the likes of stunning Banff National Park or turquoise Lake Louise. See the skyscrapers of Chicago, the rock and roll haunts of Nashville and Memphis or the surf-smashed beaches of Tofino. It’s the land of the free and the home of the brave – and a tremendous otherworld to visit.  

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Why we love North America

  • North America was made for road tripping. Whether it’s the Icefields Parkway or iconic Highway 61, the joys of the open road seem limitless here. Travel the continent in the comfort of a custom-built private vehicle, free of the worry of having to plan your next destination.
  • Spread across such a vast territory, the breadth of culture and history is astounding. See Vancouver parklands through the eyes of First Nations, find legendary music heritage in small-town Alabama and lose yourself in the Caribbean melting pot of New Orleans.
  • Canada offers some of the most incredible nature experiences on the planet – and some of the world’s freshest air. Hike around pristine Lake Louise, scan the woods for grizzly bears on a riverboat in Jasper National Park, and behold the vast Pacific Ocean from a Tofino beachfront cabin.
  • Sample the diverse culinary identities of the USA. Tuck into sweet beignets in New Orleans, get messy with barbecue ribs in Memphis, or taste the signature toasted ravioli of St Louis.
  • While its famous places may feel familiar thanks to popular culture, North America contains many contrasts, contradictions and surprises within. In many ways it’s an ideal continent for a group tour. Our guides will help you navigate these larger-than-life destinations with ease.
  • The Canadian Arctic takes the adventure to the next level, with glaciers, fjords and wildlife that take the breath away. Journey to the realm of the musk ox, peregrine falcon, beluga whale and polar bear, and uncover the relics of pre-Inuit cultures.

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