Latin sounds and Inca ruins come to mind– but they all lie within a tremendous landscape of Amazon, Andes and hilltop lakes. 


There are few things as rewarding as driving through the Bolivian countryside, over the colossal ridge which suddenly reveals sparkling La Paz splayed out before you. Or landing in Rio, beneath a giant statue of Jesus lording over a city of hedonism and dance. Nothing quite compares to flying through Iguazu Falls, or over Peru’s baffling geoglyphs, drawn into the sand hundreds of years ago. Meet the villagers who built their own islands on the sacred Lake Titicaca, or the playful seal cubs at the Galapagos Islands. This is the experience of awesome South America. 

Our top trips in South America

16 Days From $5,320

Explore Peru's rich wildlife and Incan history on a journey through Lima, the Amazon...

21 Days From $8,395

Canyons, mountains, jungle, islands – Peru has it all and more. Marvel at Machu Picchu,...

7 Days From $3,264

Release your hedonistic side in Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro, two of South America's...

17 Days From $5,244

Visit the Ballestas Islands, scan the skies of Colca Canyon for condors, cruise Lake...

19 Days From $7,150

Mountains high, valleys low and cultures ancient: welcome to majestic Peru. Experience...

31 Days From $14,463

Embark on a highlight-filled journey from the Andes to the Amazon and discover South...

39 Days From $17,460

Go beneath the surface of South America on this trip through Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia,...

11 Days From $7,407

Adventure across Patagonia, in Chile and Argentina's southern fringes, a world ruled by...

10 Days From $7,698

As we fly from Quito to the Galapagos Islands, located in the equatorial water of the...

16 Days From $8,070

Taste the best of Chile, Argentina and Brazil on a journey through the countries’ best...

Highlights of South America

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Explore Patagonia, December 2017

kai seng yip

Chile & Argentina, January 2018

Jan Robertson

Galapagos Explorer - Western Islands (M/Y Coral), December 2017

Sigrid Brynestad

Chile & Argentina, December 2017

Jeff Austen

Galapagos Explorer - Southern Islands (M/Y Coral), January 2018

Lene Northwood

Amazon Wilderness Experience - Independent 5d (Sacha Lodge), December 2017

Lene Northwood

Explore Patagonia, December 2017

Christian Schoeberl

Amazon & Inca Adventure, December 2017

Jan Robertson

Amazon & Inca Adventure, December 2017

Jan Robertson

Amazon & Inca Adventure, December 2017

Richard & Patricia Carr

Amazon & Inca Adventure, December 2017

Sarah Pickworth

Amazon & Inca Adventure, December 2017

Brett, Caitlin & Samantha Gould

Lake Titicaca Experience - Independent, December 2017

Justine Garforth

Amazon Wilderness Experience - Independent 4d (Sacha Lodge), December 2017

Sigrid Brynestad

Amazon & Inca Adventure, November 2017

John Pardee

Galapagos Explorer - Southern Islands (M/Y Coral), December 2017

John Scott

Lima to Cusco, December 2017

William and Elaine Williamson

Explore Patagonia, November 2017

Paula Cassin

Amazon & Inca Adventure, November 2017

Karen White

Explore Patagonia, November 2017

Denis Minehan

Amazon & Inca Adventure, November 2017

Kristina Service

Argentina & Brazil , October 2017

Kristina Service

Galapagos Explorer - Southern Islands (M/Y Coral), November 2017

Evan Fusco

Classic Galapagos - Central & Western Islands (M/Y Coral), November 2017

Jennifer McGuirk

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