For many, visiting the North Pole brings to life a long-held dream to travel right to the end of the earth.    

The journey is sure to ignite an adventurous spirit, embarking from Russia on one of the world’s largest and most powerful icebreakers to reach the northernmost point on the planet. Peering over the roof of the world to find a shimmering horizon filled with ice is a surreal moment. Many travellers find themselves overcome with emotion, while others are in a festive and celebratory mood. You never know exactly how you’ll feel until you get there.

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Highlights of the North Pole

Journey to the northernmost point on Earth

Steam through thick passages of pack ice on the purpose-built Russian icebreaker to arrive at the centre at what can only be described as the world’s most fantastical destination – the North Pole. A region of almost unspeakable beauty, the journey is equally inspiring, one for the true adventurer.

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Get the ultimate view above the Arctic Circle

Hover at heights on top of the world as one of the few people to venture deep into the Arctic to reach its famed centre. From a helicopter or a tethered hot air balloon, behold scenes of light playing off tessellating ocean and ice. Many dream of this moment and revel in the reality of being positioned at 90 degrees North.

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Witness the wildlife of Franz Josef Land

Sailing south after visiting the mighty North Pole, venture to the world’s northernmost archipelago. It’s secluded position in the Russian Arctic makes it a haven for wildlife where you’re likely to see Atlantic walruses, bowhead whales and bearded seals. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a polar bear hunting on the pack ice. 

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Excursions and experiences


Each of our tailored itineraries offer what we call ‘Peregrine Moments’. These experiences are shared yet highly personal, reflecting the candid style of our trips. Here are a few moments from a polar expedition to the Canadian Arctic.

  • Watch in amazement as the ship crushes through Arctic pack ice on one of the most powerful ships built to withstand polar conditions.
  • Launch off the ship in a helicopter to take in aerial views of the Arctic Circle.
  • Take the optional tethered hot air balloon ride hovering directly above the centre of the North Pole.
  • Spot wildlife cruising through Franz Josef Land, an archipelago filled with Arctic wildlife such as seals, walruses, whales and nesting birds.   
  • Enjoy a champagne toast at 90 degrees north and perhaps be bold enough to take a celebratory polar plunge into the icy waters.  

The Peregrine difference

50 Years of Victory

Carrying the highest ice class rating possible, 50 Years of Victory can crush ice up to 3 meters (10 feet) thick, and is the world's largest and most sophisticated nuclear-powered icebreaker. An onboard helicopter extends the vessels ability to reach ice-locked, remote Arctic islands en route to the North Pole and gives you the unique opportunity to view this mighty ship from the air. An optional hot air balloon ride is also an unforgettable way to celebrate arriving at 90 degres North. 

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