The first country to declare itself as Christian, Armenia’s tale is one of holy origins.

It’s said that Jesus’ own apostles brought Christianity here, and nowhere else do you see such ancient churches. There’s the Geghard Monastery, where the spear used at Jesus’s crucifixion is housed – and the Tatev monastery, sitting spectacularly on a plateau. Even though most traces of paganism were destroyed in early Christian countries, Armenia’s own monument to the sun God still stands – the 1st century Temple of Gardi. With historical marvels, generous locals, and astounding natural beauty, Armenia is a holiday lover’s dream. 

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Armenia travel FAQs

Australia: YES 
Belgium: NO
Canada: : YES
Germany: NO
Ireland: NO
Netherlands: YES
New Zealand: YES
South Africa: YES
Switzerland: NO
United Kingdom: NO

The Armenia e-visa service web page has been down for the last few weeks. The MFA have given no indication of when this will be available again. Please note all passengers who don't or cannot apply for an e-visa, will obtain a visa on arrival at the border crossing. Armenian visas are available at all entry points, a 21-day tourist visas cost AMD3000 which is approximately $10.00USD, payable on arrival. You will need one empty page in your passport for the visa.

Due to limited consular representation, we recommend that nationalities that require a visa obtain an e-visa. This is a process by which the visa is emailed to you as a PDF attachment that you will need to print out and present at immigration on arrival. This visa enables entry to Armenia at land or air borders. At time of writing the e-visa costs US$10 and takes on average between 15-21 days to be processed. You should apply for your Armenian visa no more than 55 days before arriving in the country.

To apply for your e-visa, visit: and follow these instructions:

1. Select your Country of Residence
2. Choose the 21 day visa duration option
3. Select the 1st option on the list (Ա/V-1/Կ (visitor visa for visiting relatives (friends) or tourist (for a rest) v-1/sh)
4. Proceed through the next step
5. Read the Privacy Statement and click Accept
6. Complete the payment section
7. Follow the instructions for tracking the progress of your visa application

If you have any trouble with the online form or want to chase up the status of your application for Visa Support Documents please contact The Visa Machine on or during UK working hours on +44(0) 207 148 6402.
The Australian Visa Machine office can be contacted about actual Visa Applications (not Visa supporting documents) on or on +61 (2) 61 452 265.

Please note the Australian office cannot assist with Visa Supporting Documents and or chasers. These must be directed to the UK office.

Tipping is becoming more common in the tourism industry in Armenia. Add 10% to your bill at restaurants and leave extra change for taxi drivers. At restaurants where a surcharge is included in the bill, this money goes to the owners and not the wait staff, who tend to have modest earnings.  

You’ll have no trouble accessing the internet in Yerevan and other major cities, however service is limited outside these areas. 

You’ll have good mobile coverage in Armenia. Remember to activate global roaming with your provider if you wish to use your mobile while traveling. Vivacell and Orange have fee SIM cards on offer at the airport if required.

Armenia has mostly Western-style toilets however you’ll find the odd squat toilet in rural areas. Soap and toilet paper aren’t always provided so you may like to carry some with you.

  • Coffee in a café = 700 Dram
  • 0.5 litre bottle of beer from a supermarket = 380 Dram
  • Meal in a fast food restaurant = 1,800 Dram
  • Restaurant meal in the CBD = 3,000 Dram

Drinking tap water is not considered safe in Armenia. For environmental reasons, avoid buying bottled water and bring a bottle or canteen with you. Ask your leader where you can access filters to refill your supply, or carry your own purification tablets with you. 

Some places like restaurants and hotels in Yerevan will accept major cards, however it’s best not to rely on them for most services.

There are plenty of ATMs in Yerevan and other big cities. Visa cards work best and some local ATMs are also connected to Plus and Maestro. 

Yes. All peregrine passengers are required to purchase travel insurance prior to their trip. Your insurance details will be recorded by your leader on the first day.

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