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The answers to the Places Around the World crossword are:


1. Has delicious street food, such as tostadas

Answer: Mexico

4. This country is spliced between two oceans

Answer: Panama

6. Home of the Masai Warriors

Answer: Kenya

8. This country's capital city's subway is just like a museum

Answer: Russia

9. This country is building a new Grand Museum

Answer: Egypt

10. This country is renowned for carpets & wonderous tales

Answer: Iran


2. You'll find the colourful houses of Cinque Terre here

Answer: Italy

3. A great place to see the Northern Lights

Answer: Greenland

5. You might spot penguins on this continent

Answer: Antarctica

7. Known as the Land of the Midnight Sun

Answer: Norway


We hope you had as much fun completing the crossword as we had putting it together. Don't forget to enter our competition to win a trip for two to Morocco!