It once exerted terrible force over the world, then reeled into the modern era – bringing the rest of the planet along for the ride. 

Europe’s heritage may be dark, but the ‘Old Continent’ is nonetheless a beauty. Russia’s imperial palaces stand testament to a terrible past, and the Vatican City still exerts a hold on the Catholic world. But Europe’s dusky eras are tempered by southern delights. There’s the blue and white of Mediterranean Greece – the ancient civilization that birthed Western culture – and the little known Jewel of the Adriatic, the glinting town of Dubrovnik. And for all its cultural feats, Europe still provides its natural escapes, from the trails of the Swiss Alps to Slovenia’s labyrinthine forests. 

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  • While Europe boasts plenty of rugged mountains and wild landscapes, it also excels at gentle pleasures and the finer things in life. Cycle between Provencal villages in France, walk through colourful cliff-top villages along the Amalfi Coast and sample the gastronomic delights of Italy and Spain.
  • The impressive cities, palaces and landmarks of Eastern Europe rival those found in the West, but are less swarming with tourists
  • There’s a lot more to Turkey than hot air balloon rides over Cappadocia (although this is often a stand-out experience). Discover a nation steeped in diverse traditions, rich history, unbelievable landscapes and proud local narratives
  • Italy has drawn tourists for millennia, and there are many great ways to see it. We aim to show you a side of the country that others don’t, pointing out the little Italian idiosyncrasies that we’ve come to know and love
  • The European tour itineraries in France are built for comfort, not speed. Rather than providing a carousel of 'best of' highlights, we place an emphasis on self-discovery and immersion
  • From the historic city of Split to the Adriatic island of Mljet, culture, beauty and great weather come effortlessly together along Croatia’s stunning Dalmatian Coast 

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