From the frozen reaches of Russia down to the rugged green shores of Taiwan, North & Central Asia are laden with intricate tales, contrasting landscapes and diverse cultures.   

Pockets are bottomless in North & Central Asia and digging deep can take you to parts of the world you didn't know existed. The trio of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan are among the conquered yet feel unexplored. Mongolia's vast desert lands can look inhospitable to the rest of the world, but are actually dotted with warm communities and thriving oases. China's history and dynasties are cloaked in myth, progression and armour. European and African influences thread in from the west, coming undone the further east you go. This is a place where life's loose ends are tied.

Why we love North & Central Asia

  • Japan embraces its ancient traditions and intertwines them with the country's elaborate aspects of technology and modern ideals. From the temples and shrines of Nikko and Kyoto's Geisha culture, to the neon metropolis of Tokyo - Japan is a puzzle box that's worth solving
  • The Great Wall of China cannot be comprehended with statistics and imagery. This is a masterpiece of human engineering that has been built by the hands of millions and loved by more. An independent experience of the wall lays the foundations for an amazing trip around China
  • Russia is larger than you'll ever imagine. Determined to swat any western influence that come her way, the major cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg retain a distinct Russian character that is like nowhere else on Earth. Emrace a culture unlike your own
  • For a few thousand years, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan were the true centres of the world, where east quite literally met west. No longer used as a thoroughfare for explorers and traders, these countries are now traipsed by travellers looking for real adventure
  • The spectacularly primitive lands of Mongolia are warm, friendly and open to adventurers. Join a yak safari through lush green hills, then search for the Eurasian badgers and Mongolian gazelles of Hustai National Park. This is a remote country with a wild, beating heart
  • Enjoy a cold drink while lying on a Turkish sunbed in the Lyabi Hauz of Bukhara. This plaza was built in 1620 around a courtyard and pool shaded by mulberry trees, providing the ideal setting to watch the world go by and soak in the unique culture of Uzbekistan

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