The Orient is a world that has long fascinated travellers, from the dawning of the Silk Road to the emergence of present-day superstates. 


Asia’s sights are both fabled and unknown, from the Great Wall of China to the forgotten city of Merv. Experience Buddhist imperialism in Bhutan and Burma – where western influence is nowhere to be seen – or the dizzying lights of famous Hong Kong cascading over New York-style skyscrapers. The depths of Vietnam’s jungles may be world-renowned, but the untouched forest of Borneo remains untraversed. While in Thailand, there’s a smile always at the ready, the clandestine state of North Korea is only now unfolding. 

New trips in Asia

10 Days From R31,459

Journey to the orangutan capital of the world, Borneo. Cruise the Kinabatangan River,...

14 Days From R37,370

Savour Sri Lanka on an incredible journey around the ‘Teardrop Isle’, exploring...

12 Days From R36,375

Take an adventure that encompasses much of what makes Nepal so beloved by travellers....

13 Days From R31,440

Travel through misty mountains and bustling cities as you visit Hanoi, Hoang Lien...

27 Days From R93,630

Witness hidden temples, dark historic sites and limitless natural beauty as you delve...

26 Days From R63,730

Experience Cambodia and Vietnam like never before as you travel through picturesque co...

15 Days From R46,350

Get up close and under the surface of Thailand and Laos with a Peregrine small group...

12 Days From R34,983

Take a small group adventure through the north of India, discovering New Delhi, pink...

20 Days From R70,260

Discover the secrets of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia as you explore the temples, rivers...

23 Days From R76,340

Capture the essence of Nepal and northern India on this eclectic adventure, taking in...

10 Days From R29,203

Trek the spectacular Annapurna foothills with Peregrine, taking in the villages of...

23 Days From R72,550

Explore the cities, nature and history of Thailand and Laos on this in-depth tour of...

8 Days From R18,112

Join a short, small group adventure to Vietnam’s heart. From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City...

25 Days From R73,995

Immerse yourself in India’s wonders on this unforgettable journey from New Delhi down...

9 Days From R36,879

Trek in one of the world's most iconic adventure destinations, Mount Everest. Fly from...

22 Days From R70,360

Gather an insight into Indochina as you explore the history, tastes and temples of...

13 Days From R41,390

Be immersed in the rich historic and cultural heritage of Vietnam and Cambodia on this...

18 Days From R67,470

Trek the spectacular foothills of Himalayan giants Annapurna and Everest, taking in...

6 Days From R13,100

Journey to Sapa on a six-day adventure taking in Hanoi, the spectacular trekking trails...

10 Days From R63,390

Uncover the winter wonders of Hokkaido on this immersive tour; encompassing snow...

9 Days From R29,390

Discover the natural beauty and rich history of southern India, exploring Kerala’s...

Our top trips in Asia

15 Days From R28,875

Uncover Vietnam from south to north – from homestays in the Mekong Delta to cruises on...

17 Days From R29,850

Ask our tour leaders where they’d most like to go in Rajasthan and here you have it....

12 Days From R52,584

Uncover the wonders of Japan on this immersive tour; encompassing buzzing Tokyo, leafy...

14 Days From R39,815

Discover the ‘Golden Land’ on Myanmar on this small group trip. Yangon and Mandalay’s...

15 Days From R48,545

Savour Sri Lanka on an incredible journey around the ‘Teardrop Isle’, exploring...

14 Days From R26,116

Join Peregrine to explore the beaches, bazaars and backwaters of Southern India, from...

13 Days From R40,810

Be immersed in the rich historic and cultural heritage of Cambodia and Vietnam on this...

9 Days From R55,755

Experience the mysterious mountain kingdom of Bhutan with Peregrine. Take in Paro,...

6 Days From R15,456

Uncover the mysteries of incredible Angkor Wat on this small group tour to Cambodia....

8 Days From R16,771

Join a short, small group adventure to Vietnam’s heart. From Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi,...

Why you'll love Asia

  • The popular image of South East Asia is often of its locals, and no wonder. Whether it’s a saffron-robed monk in Laos, a conical-hatted farmer in Vietnam or a colourfully-dressed street hawker in Thailand, wherever you go a smile is always waiting
  • With its shining stupas, mystical forests and Buddhist temples, the ‘Golden Land’ of Myanmar remains relatively untouched by the western world. Guided by our local leaders, see Yangon’s magnificent Shwedagon Pagoda, marvel at the amazing leg-rowers on Inle Lake and float down the Irrawaddy River to the ancient city of Bagan
  • The untamed jungles of Borneo are home to some of the world’s rarest endangered wildlife. Watch hornbills, proboscis monkeys and gibbons interact in their natural habitat, and see first-hand how orphaned orangutans are being reintroduced into the wild
  • Incredible man-made wonders, ancient cities, food to excite and challenge the palate – China is a world unto itself. Sometimes its pleasures can be as simple as enjoying an early tai chi lesson outside the walls of Xi’an city, alongside locals who practice with their master every morning
  • From the sleepy backwaters of Kerala and cultural Kochi in the south, to the desert palaces of Rajasthan and the bustling hubs of Delhi and Mumbai in the north, India is a multi-sensory explosion of life, diversity and incredible colour. It’s only fitting that we offer a wide range of regional trips to suit all interests
  • Travel is as much about the journey as the destination. Our optional bike rides and walking tours take you to where the big tour buses don’t, while overnight train trips offer great opportunities to mingle with the locals
  • For a few thousand years, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan were the true centres of the world, where east quite literally met west. Visit the fascinating cities of Tashkent, Bishkek and Samarkand, which are steeped in stories of conquest, wealth and trade

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