Small group journeys means unlocking the secrets of a destination.

For some travel companies, the term ‘small group’ can mean sharing your adventures with as many as 45 other travellers. That doesn’t sound very ‘small’ to us. In 2018, we’re lowering the group size on our classic small group itineraries from 16 to 12, giving you greater access to your expert local leader for a more intimate, personalised experience. Even our Adventure Cruising and Polar tours use small ships, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in a destination.

What does it mean for you?

Tasting wine, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Unparalleled access

We get you into areas often restricted to larger groups, allowing you to immerse yourself in the destination (away from the jostling masses).

Enjoying a wine at an Estancia in Argentina

A more considered pace

We spend more time in a destination, so you can explore, soak up the atmosphere, relax and unwind at your own speed.

Exploring Machu Picchu, Peru

Less time waiting around

With fewer travellers in our groups, you’ll spend less time checking into hotels and getting on (and off) transport, and more time seeing the sights.

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What are the other benefits to small group travel?

Stilt cottages, Inle Lake, Myanmar (Burma)

More accommodation options

Small groups have the flexibility to stay in a wider range of accommodation. Fewer big chains – more unique, comfortable and quality stays.

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Travelling through Cusco, Peru

Award-winning local guides

The best way to see a destination is with the people who live there. With fewer travellers in our groups, you’ll have more time to ask questions and get insider tips from our expert guides.

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Private transport, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Move around with ease

We also take care of all the logistics, planning and research. When we’re not cruising on houseboats in Kerala or riding camels in the Sahara, we like to travel in private vehicles to reduce travel times. Most of our transport is air-conditioned and comfortable, with plenty of room for you to spread out. 

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Pisac, Peru

Get to know your group

It’s can be tricky to bond with a busload of people. Being in a small group means you can really get to know your travelling companions and create lasting friendships.

Overlooking Cusco, Peru

Great photo opportunities

Keen to capture an amazing picture of Angkor Wat at sunset or grazing alpacas at Machu Picchu? Get better views of the places we visit, without the risk of photographing the back of someone’s head.


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