What was your first big travelling adventure? Did you rush through the world’s top tourist spots, ticking sights off a list as you went along? Or did you take a slower pace, opting for train travel or hitchhiking, open for whatever the road threw at you? Perhaps you’ve got a hidden wild side, with travel tales about getting arrested, getting a tattoo or getting caught skinny-dipping that you’re yet to share with your kids?

There seems to be a preconception that older travellers aren’t all that adventurous, preferring to play it safe by a resort pool than explore the Karakum Desert or walk the Camino de Santiago, but that’s not what we’ve found. And trust us, we’ve done the legwork. 

Peru Guinea Pig

The survey

We surveyed 2,000 Australians and found that older travellers are actually a lot more ‘out there’ than their younger counterparts. They were trekking the Hippy Trail through Afghanistan before the average Millennial was even born. While Baby Boomers have the reputation of being conservative and playing it safe, they’ve travelled well off the beaten track (minus the convenience of a smart phone or GPS) in a time when backpacking around Europe or overlanding across Africa was far more challenging than it is today. No Google maps, no TripAdvisor, no internet banking. Not adventurous? These guys were the original globetrotters. 

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The findings

We asked both Gen Ys (18-34) and Baby Boomers (50+) about their travel history and experience. The results were interesting, to say the least.  Twice as many older travellers (1 in 5) admitted to skinny dipping, compared with only 1 in 10 younger Australians. Older travellers have also done more solo travel, care less about superficial Bucket Lists and are less flighty when it comes to safety warnings. They’ll pack a Kindle over dressy clothes, will bone up on their language skills before travel, and favour authentic experiences over a Facebook humblebrag. 

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Inspired by our travellers

To celebrate Original Globetrotters everywhere, we’ve developed a range of Limited Edition tours. These aren’t your typical off-the-shelf adventures - each one has been crafted to produce a truly exceptional experience, combining travel with history, wildlife and literature. Who better to lead you on a journey through Egypt’s history than a born-and-bred local and qualified Egyptologist? Perhaps a literary festival in Jaipur is more your thing, following in the footsteps of Rudyard Kipling and embracing the very best of Rajasthan? How about a trek through Bwindi’s Impenetrable Forest with conservationists and guides in search of rare Ugandan mountain gorillas? 

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